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UDRI April 09, 2019
Getting a head start on STEM careers
Sponsored research provides invaluable training
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UDRI January 02, 2019
New award to support advanced structures for aerospace

$44 million award to University of Dayton Research Institute to support research in advanced structures technologies for Air Force

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UDRI December 20, 2018
We’re number 1!
The University of Dayton performs more sponsored materials research than any other college in the country.
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UDRI November 30, 2018
Southern Expansion
Our new technology and training center in Georgia is ramping up advanced technologies for Air Force systems sustainment.
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UDRI September 13, 2018
Risk in the Sky?
University of Dayton Research Institute impact tests prove large aircraft won’t always win in collision with small drones.
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UDRI August 01, 2018
75 tons—plus gravity!
Landing gear on fully loaded aircraft endure a lot of force. UDRI is working to keep them strong on the job.
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UDRI July 09, 2018
Ready, Set—Grow!
University of Dayton Research Institute reorganizes in preparation for continued growth in research scope and jobs.
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UDRI June 18, 2018
UDRI awarded $72 million-ceiling Air Force contract for Quick-Reaction Evaluation program
UDRI will continue to support AFRL in reducing costs, creating a safer working environment, and increasing Air Force systems availability.
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UDRI June 11, 2018
Wind turbine donation to power up alternative energy research and education
A donation of a new wind turbine will boost alternative-energy research and educational opportunities at UDRI’s Energy Experience Center.
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UDRI January 30, 2018
Battling addiction with brainpower
In the face of a national opioid addiction crisis, UDRI researchers work to find solutions that can help and heal those most in need.
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