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Diversity and Inclusion May 03, 2021
A Letter to the ODI Family
As her time working as a graduate assistant comes to a close, Yanhui Hou shares some reflections about her experience in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and expresses her gratitude to those who made her feel like family at the University of Dayton.
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Diversity and Inclusion March 09, 2021
A Tribute to Women in the Church
Dr. Lawrence Burnley offers an expression of thanks, appreciation, and affirmation to women in the Church, while pointing to the violent expressions of abusive patriarchy that has and continues to be informed by distorted biblical interpretations and theological formations.
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Diversity and Inclusion February 02, 2021
A Story about an Attack near a Capitol
In this blog, Julio Quintero shares a story about an episode of his childhood. Through this account, he approaches the contradictions that “two nation” narratives pose to inclusion, particularly when countries make sense of political and social conflicts.
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Diversity and Inclusion December 01, 2020
Pandemic from a Disability Studies Perspective
Dr. Meghan Henning discusses how during the COVID-19 pandemic persons with all manner of bodies find themselves to be vulnerable to something that they can’t see, and public health measures heighten our collective sense of bodily vulnerability - something that persons with disabilities have always known.
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Diversity and Inclusion October 29, 2020
A Call for Uncommon Good for the Common Good during Uncommon Times
Uncommon times make it exponentially more difficult, and more urgent, to strengthen our resolve to be a university for the common good. To accomplish such an altruistic outcome in these uncommon times, we must choose to be, with God’s guidance and strength, individuals and members of a unified community.
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