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Campus Ministry

A Prayer for Educators, Parents, and Students

By Fr. Satish Joseph

All Holy, Loving, and Compassionate God,

We thank you for your loving care of all creation and your protection and guidance over all. We come to you today, with all the faith and trust we can muster in this time of the pandemic. Please come to our aid.

We bring the administrators, principals, professors, teachers, school secretaries, the support staff, and the maintenance staff of our schools and universities before you. In their vocation as educators, they continue the teaching ministry of Christ. We pray for your blessings over their lives, their work, their livelihood, and their families. Guide them with your wisdom. May they be empowered by your Spirit to see the needs of their students and to inspire those under their care.

We bring our parents, guardians, and caregivers of our students before you. They are faced with unprecedented challenges. They have to make decisions that require your wisdom, understanding and insight. When they feel overwhelmed, be present in their lives. May they never feel alone or abandoned. Strengthen them from within, so that they might be a source of strength, confidence, and hope for their children.

Most of all, we bring before you our students who will either be educated online, at home, or in person in our schools. As they pursue their education in the midst of the pandemic, enlighten their minds. May they grow in grace and wisdom. In areas where there is a lack, provide them knowledge, understanding, counsel, and fortitude. Keep them safe from all illnesses and protect them from all harm. 

We ask all these things, through the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary, and through Christ our teacher. Amen.

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