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D-Talks: Election Series

The Institute of Applied Creativity for Transformation (IACT) at ArtStreet brings to the UD community a new video series titled: D-Talks, or Dayton Talks.

In this first video focused on the presidential election, Dr. Susan Wawrose, Dr. Hsuan Tsen and Former Governor Bob Taft discuss the election based on their academic discipline or experiences. Narratives ranging from the rhetorics of law, visual art and gender representation, and insight on the political landscape all challenge us to think deeper about choosing a candidate.

How does rhetoric affect our opinions of the candidates? Do preconceived notions of what a male politician or a female politician should look like alter our expectations? If I’m not fond of either of the candidates, should I still vote?

These are but a few of the questions that D-Talks engages us to think about in how our choices will affect our country.

After the results of the election are known, D-Talks offers the UD community an Open Dinner Discussion. How do we come together under the new leader of our country after half of Americans were not in support of him or her?

The Dinner Discussion will take place on November 16th from 7-8pm in the Creator Space at ArtStreet. Please RSVP to by November 13th as seating is limited.

The purpose of D-Talks is to promote cultural/socio/political dialogue. It is about getting a short yet powerful video to be seen by a number of students, faculty and staff at the University of Dayton. Following a social media release, D-Talks empowers the community to talk through these difficult motifs in an open dialogue to come together and promote change.

At the Institute of Applied Creativity for Transformation (IACT), we seek to empower a forward-thinking 21st century student with the ability to confidently develop the creative skills necessary to excel and impact today’s innovative and global workforce regardless of degree focus. Learn more at

This has been an IACT production at ArtStreet in collaboration with Flyer TV. Producer: Kiersten Remster, Co-producer/editor: Samantha Mayne, Director/editor: Alyssa Argentine. The views presented in this video are solely those of the speakers and do not represent the views of the University of Dayton. The University of Dayton neither supports nor opposes the parties and/or candidates mentioned in this video.

Written by Kiersten Remster '17. 

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