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Engineering July 25, 2019
School of Engineering Recipient of ASEE Bronze Award for Diversity

UD’s engineering school was one of just 28 nationwide and the only school in Ohio to achieve this award.

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Engineering June 25, 2019
Dean Eddy Rojas Wins National Award for Supporting Women in Engineering

Rojas receives WEPAN's Advocates and Allies award for his leadership in implementing programs that advocate, mentor and support the success of women in engineering.

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Engineering May 30, 2019
Ford Foundation Fellow

The Ford Foundation awarded electro-optics doctoral student Joshua Burrow a fellowship — the first in the University of Dayton’s history — to support the final year of his dissertation writing and defense.

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Engineering May 20, 2019
A $24 Check and a $1 Million Gift

This is an inspiring story and a real-life narrative about perseverance, hard work, ingenuity, honor, selflessness — and gratitude.

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Engineering May 10, 2019
Bitbox Solutions

Bitcoin could be an important feature in an ever-growing digital world, or at least University of Dayton engineering student, Devon Florczak, thinks. Florczak and his company, Bitbox Solutions, which also includes UD engineering students Ivan Kalnoki-Kis and Abinesh Selvacanabady and UD engineering professor Dr. Kevin Hallinan in an advisory role, are looking to change the stigma around the peer-to-peer electronic cash system — from a potential energy “wasting” utility to a renewably sound utility.

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Engineering April 26, 2019
UD Engineering Students Improve a Marine Veteran's Quality of Life

The Quality of Life Plus program and the University of Dayton collaborated on a voice-activated handcycle shifting device for a triple amputee.

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Engineering April 25, 2019
First-Year Course, Engineering Innovations, Expands Its Reach to a Global Level

The University of Dayton School of Engineering’s Engineering Innovations (EGR 103) course has been modified to help better serve our communities.

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Engineering April 24, 2019
New Sophomore Housing Program Enhances Female STEM Mentorship
The University of Dayton is proud to announce a new second-year housing option for women majoring in science and engineering.
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Engineering April 12, 2019
Research for the Common Good: Mumma Radar Lab Advances Student Research on Radar Reaction to Drones

Dr. Michael Wicks, director of the University of Dayton’s Mumma Radar Lab, opened the doors to the University's Kettering Laboratories for a student researcher who wants to make a difference.

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Engineering April 04, 2019
How First-Year Engineering Students Are Creating a Better Community
First-year University of Dayton engineering students engage with the local Dayton community and work on real-world challenges.
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