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Law Student Earns Scholarship From The Ohio Bar

When Katie Wilkie found out she was being awarded a scholarship from the Real Property Law Section of the Ohio State Bar Association, she was excited about much more than just the money that came with it.

“I wanted to get the scholarship for the seat on the council,” Wilkie says.

Wilkie, a 2L at the University of Dayton School of Law, found out in December she was one of the students being honored with the Ohio Bar’s Real Property Law Section Law Student Scholarship. Along with receiving $2,500, Wilkie was also granted a non-voting seat on the Real Property Law Section Council. She’s already taken advantage of her new role and attended a council meeting.

“It’s really cool to be involved in the process and see how everything works,” Wilkie says. “I get to sit in on the council meetings, hear about the legislative drafting process and see them amend and revoke bills.”

The council seat isn’t something Wilkie ever expected to have while in law school. She says she struggled through her Real Property I class, but by the end, started to enjoy the work.

“I like being involved with a process that’s so practical,” Wilkie says. “I like seeing the real world application of things, like preparing deeds or creating trusts. It helps me piece it all together.”

Wilkie has been able to put what she’s learning into practice, working remotely for a title insurance company in Cleveland. She enjoys using her legal expertise to help others.

“I want to learn the language of law so I’m able to share it with people because the law can be so inaccessible,” Wilkie says.

Wilkie, who majored in international studies and Spanish, says she’s interested in potentially working on issues around human rights and immigration after law school.

Whatever she decides to do, Wilke knows the experience on the council is an invaluable one.

“I would encourage anyone to apply for an opportunity like this,” Wilkie says. “It’s really cool to be involved in the legislative process. Definitely a unique experience.”

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