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A Lawyer on a Mission

By Lucas Schmitt

For Michael Rake, public service is something that has defined his career.

“If you have any degree of a heart you can’t say no,” says Rake, who graduated from the University of Dayton School of Law in 2004.

Rake had experience understanding the law profession from the very beginning of his journey.

"My dad who was a big influence in my life worked as a lawyer for a public utility company," Rake says.

Rake became fascinated by his dad’s work and was determined to do something similar one day, but thought he could he could have the biggest impact by representing individuals in need.

Now as a partner of Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal LPA in downtown Dayton, Rake has realized that vision.

“Once I sort of saw what you could do with a law degree, that is when I saw the things I wanted to do,” Rake says.

Rake specializes in veteran and disability cases. He says that many people who come back from military service often cannot get health insurance for diseases or injuries suffered on duty and by representing them, he is able to get them their much needed coverage.

Because of his work helping veterans and those with disabilities, Rake was awarded the Lloyd O'Hara Public Interest Law Award at the 2019 Access to Justice Awards. The award recognizes attorneys for their extraordinary assistance in helping low income Miami Valley residents receive fairness and justice and to gain stability in their lives.

"I am honored to be in such good company as a Dayton attorney," Rake says of receiving the honor.

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