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Affiliated Researchers


huacuja, IMRI, Stander, 2024

Judith Huacuja, "Chisme Report: The Virgin of Guadalupe, Because She Appeared as our Brown-Skinned Mother Mary and thus a Revolutionary Patroness of the Marginalized,  offers a 'Third Space' of Acceptance and Solidarity as Redemption," Chisme Symposium, 2024. Related article published by The Conversation.

Graduate Students

McColluch, research student, 2024

Caitlin Cipolla-McCulloch"Mary as Nurturer: A Model for the Church, Marianist Family, and Global Community," Graduate Student Summer Fellowship, 2023. Cipolla-McCulloch's research looks at the intersection between the Marianist Family and the cultic practice that surrounds and accompanies the image of La Virgen de la Puerta. With help from source material from the Marian Library including a Spanish language text that captures the history of the shrine at the mid-20th century, dissertation materials from 20th-century Marianists and monographs from Marianist Mariologist Emile Neubert, she can continue exploring the relationship between the Marianist Family and this image of Mary. This research is multicultural and polyphonic. It aims to showcase how considering the cultic practice surrounding La Virgen de la Puerta in conversation with the Marianist Charism offers us a new model for considering the role of Mary in the Church today.

Lobiondo, research student, 2024

Vincent LoBiondo, "Did the Blessed Virgin Mary Die or Not? Opinions of the Early Church as Well as the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches in the 20th Century," Graduate Student Summer Fellowship, 2023.

Nguyen, research student, 2024

Ahn Nguyen, "Our Lady of the Fields and the American Missionary Calling," Graduate Student Summer Fellowship, 2023.

Undergraduate Students

Rihanna Domingos, "Environmental Toxins in Breast Milk," Dean’s Summer Fellowship, summer 2023

Domingos, research student, 2024

Ella Bach, "Angelus Regina Coeli," REL 250-05, Marian Prayer and Devotion, Fall 2023

Bach, research student, 2024

Selena Waldron, "The Litany of Loretto," REL 250-05, Marian Prayer and Devotion, Fall 2023

Waldron, research student, 2024

Molly O’Brien, "The Litany of Loretto," REL 250-05, Marian Prayer and Devotion, Fall 2023

O'Brian, research student, 2024


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