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Fitz Center for Leadership in Community

Educational Equity Programs

Educational Equity Programs provides UD students (Education Impact Partners) with opportunities to partner with community and education leaders to tutor, mentor and assist in community-driven capacity building. UD students are provided educational formation on pedagogy, equity, cultural competency and best practices of community engagement. Additionally, this experience is meant to broaden the scope of educational equity work through partnerships with nonprofit and government agencies outside of the education sector to improve the quality and depth of community engagement and fulfill our commitment to two-generation/whole family engagement. The program also creates professional opportunities for UD students that enhance student knowledge of culturally responsive strategies and transformational justice practices, thus helping to shape the next generation of urban teachers and community leaders.  

UD students can become Education Impact Partners, or participate through federal work study.

Through the cultivation of Education Impact Partners, the Educational Equity Program addresses educational inequities through partnerships with local schools and organizations to advance quality education for all.

Catalyzing robust and reciprocal community-driven partnerships to advance educational equity.

  • Volunteers, Mentors, and Tutors support various site coordinators, site supervisors and program directors with reading and writing groups, mentorship programs, after school tutoring and other program facilitation for youth and adult learners within Dayton schools, nonprofits and government agencies. 
  • Neighborhood School Centers Tutors are federal work study funded UD students that support community schools and education-based organizations by assisting site coordinators and supervisors with in-school and/or out-of-school programming, math and literacy tutoring, and educational/mentoring support of students.

In partnership with The School of Education 

  • Flyer Coaches provide high dosage tutoring to Dayton Public and Trotwood Madison elementary and middle school students in mathematics and literacy.

If you are interested in more information and becoming an Education Impact Partner please complete the application.


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