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Mission and History

Mission and History


To foster a rich learning environment using intense student-faculty interaction, interdisciplinary teaching and redefined "seat time” to engage students more deeply in their own learning. To encourage faculty to experiment with space in innovative ways by recognizing its impact on stimulating student learning. To inspire faculty to seek ways to transfer what they learn about student engagement to other classrooms on campus and to provide students with a warm and welcoming environment in which to learn.


When the decision was made to build a new residence hall at the University of Dayton, a portion of the second floor was designated for classrooms that would further extend the Learning Village. It was determined that an educational model using intense student-faculty interaction, interdisciplinary teaching and redefined "seat time" could be investigated in a space specifically designed for these learning-centered pursuits.

A new model of flexible space, a learning complex, was created to take the studio concept and combine it with other related teaming, seminar, and assembly areas. Large pathways that promote impromptu gatherings and provide individual places for quiet reflection connect these components. The space is designed to specifically accommodate multi-disciplinary teaching and learning. faculty offices were added to the complex to encourage more frequent student-faculty interaction. The entire complex promotes team teaching, interdisciplinary themes and a departures from traditional seat time.

- Educational Facilities Consultants, LLC


Marianist Hall Learning Space

Marianist Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0725