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Recognition Student Organizations

Official Recognition of Undergraduate Student Organizations


To establish guidelines and procedures for official university recognition of a student organization as well as outlining their rights and responsibilities for maintaining recognition.


This policy applies to all students interested in forming a student organization for university recognition.

Policy History

I. Effective Date: January 10, 1994

II. Approval: February 27, 2014

III. History:

  • Approved in its original form: January 10, 1994
  • Approved as amended: January 3, 1996
  • Approved as amended: September 5, 2000
  • Approved as amended: January 22, 2013
  • Approved as amended: February 27, 2014

IV. Maintenance of Policy: Executive Director of the Center for Student Involvement


(a) “Group” a number of persons who are associated with the University and each other, but who have not registered, or are not required to register, as a student organization (e.g. athletic teams, musical or theatrical ensembles, academic or administrative units)

(b) “Organization” a number of persons who are associated with each other and who have registered with the University as a student organization under the Center Student Involvement for policies for recognized student organizations.

(c) “Participants” defined as any student who directly/indirectly partakes in a prohibited act by leading, encouraging, witnessing or condoning the act in any manner. Failing to stop or report these actions as a bystander/witness may bring charges upon the individual.


To be officially recognized by the University the purpose and goals of a student organization must:

  • Exhibit a clear relationship with the educational mission of the University by demonstrating a commitment to one or more of the following
    • recognition and/or promotion of academic achievement or enrichment of an academic discipline;
    • recognition and/or development of professionalism in a particular field;
    • promotion of education and awareness regarding current events and issues of justice, peace and the quality of human life;
    • participation in or development of appreciation for the performing and visual arts;
    • development of community in the context of an educational institution;
    • promotion of service;
    • promotion of athletic development and/or general wellness and healthy behavior;
    • spiritual growth and development;
    • promotion and development of cultural and cross-cultural/global diversity.
  • Newly forming organization must have a minimum of five (5) currently enrolled University of Dayton students. Only members of the University academic community are eligible for participation in a student organization.
  • Student organization officers must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 and be in good non-academic standing.
  • Organizations must choose a University of Dayton faculty or administrative staff member willing to serve as an advisor. Upon appointment the advisor should be actively involved in the organization's programs and activities.
  • A group should not duplicate the purpose and/or activities of an existing student organization.
  • To ensure the integrity of the organization, the group must demonstrate that it has developed a sound constitution.
  • The University reserves the right to deny or withdraw official recognition when in its judgment a student organization's purpose, goals and/or activities are in opposition to the mission and traditions of the University.
  • The purpose, goals and activities of the organization must adhere to the University's policies regarding non-discrimination and equal opportunity.

Privileges of Officially Recognized Student Organizations

Privileges of Officially Recognized Student Organizations will be established and published by the Center for Student Involvement no later than May 1 of each year for the upcoming academic year.

Forming Organizations

Students interested in forming and receiving official recognition for organizations whose purpose and goals are clearly related to the educational mission of the University as defined in the "General Recognition Criteria" are directed by the following procedures:

  • Obtain and return to the Center for Student Involvement an "Intent to Organize" form stating the purpose, goals, major activities and functions, and potential name of the organization.
  • Organizations may be required to meet with and/or receive endorsement from: Campus Ministry, Campus Recreation, the Center for Social Concern, Academic Departments/Deans, and/or Greek Life.
  • After the "Intent to Organize" form has been reviewed by the Assistant Director of Student Life, the group will be given guidelines and requested to develop a constitution and by-laws, goals and objectives, a membership roster, list of officers, and obtain a faculty/staff advisor.
  • Upon successful evaluation of submitted information, the Assistant Director for Student Life will recommend the organization to the Associate Director of Student Life for official University recognition.

Annual Re-Recognition Process for Established Student Organizations

All organizations must re-apply for recognition at the conclusion of each Academic Year. Specific procedures will be established and published no later than April 1 of each year.

Responsibility for Enforcement, Remedies, Sanctions

The officers and members of officially recognized student organizations are responsible for adherence to all rules and regulations governing student behavior at the University of Dayton, rules and regulations governing student organizations established by the Center for Student Involvement and to the mission, goals and objectives of their respective charters, constitutions, and founding documents.

The officers and members of recognized organizations also have the responsibility for observing all federal, state and local laws and statutes. Violations of such laws and statutes either on or off campus will be subject to University disciplinary action in addition to any criminal or civil proceedings.

Organizations whose activities are in violation of rules and regulations governing student behavior at the University; rules and regulations governing student organizations; federal, state, local laws and statutes; or the mission goals and objectives of their respective charters, constitutions or founding documents are subject to immediate review of their officially recognized status. The University reserves the right to withdraw official University recognition or take disciplinary measures based on the findings of any such violations.

Appeal Process (if applicable)

Appeals to this policy should be made to the Executive Director of the Center for Student Involvement.

Reference Documents

  1. Current University of Dayton Student Organization Resource Guide

For questions relating to the University policies of Student Development, please contact:

Bill Fischer, Vice President for Student Development