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UD in the News Oct. 14-20

Stations nationwide aired Erica Neuman's Marketplace interview about the IRS trying to make filing taxes easier. The Conversation, Newsweek, Catholic World Report, FoodService Director and Construction Dive highlighted UD expertise and initiatives.

How the IRS is using $60 billion to make filing taxes less painful
Erica Neuman, accounting

Amish culture prizes peace − but you wouldn’t necessarily know it from a stop in Amish Country tourist towns
The Conversation
Susan Trollinger, English

Does chicken soup really help when you're sick? A nutrition specialist explains what's behind the beloved comfort food
The Conversation
Colby Teeman, dietetics and nutrition

Jim Jordan faces difficult choice

Christopher Devine, political science

The Supreme Court and the fragility of religious freedom today
Catholic World Report
Charles Russo, School of Law and School of Education and Health Sciences

University of Dayton surpasses its plant-based goal
FoodService Director
Ligia Lopes, dining services

University of Dayton snares grant to build AR/VR safety training
Construction Dive
Namgyun Kim, civil and environmental engineering and engineering mechanics

Advocates urge canonization for the 'Saintly Six' Black Catholic pioneers
Georgia Bulletin
Shannen Dee Williams, history

UD Marian Library turns 80
Kayla Harris, Marian Library

Concern over pharmacy deserts; Rural, low income areas seeing fewer pharmacists
Riley Dugan, management and marketing

Breaking down Issue 1: Dayton residents divided over the controversial amendment
Christopher Devine, political science

Flyer Pep Band will receive Musial Award for support of Fairleigh Dickinson during NCAA tournament
Dayton Daily News
Willie Morris, music


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