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Spectrum News story with student

UD in the News June 30-July 7

A pair of faculty shared their expertise nationwide via Catholic World Report, The Conversation and Marketplace. Spectrum News 1 Ohio featured UD's teacher education program. The Dayton Daily News highlighted a student as a "Community Gem."

A business can decline service based on its beliefs, Supreme Court rules – but what will this look like in practice?
The Conversation
Charles Russo, School of Law and School of Education and Health Sciences

The challenges of archiving the internet
Kayla Harris, Marian Library

Another victory for religious freedom
Catholic World Report
Charles Russo, School of Law and School of Education and Health Sciences

University of Dayton receives top recognition for teaching program
Spectrum News 1 Ohio
Alison Carr-Chellman, School of Education and Health Sciences
Mary-Kate Sableski, teacher education
Jackie Arnold, teacher education
Kendall Kiss, student

COMMUNITY GEMS: UD student helps close gaps through volunteering
Dayton Daily News
Lenny Zaleski, Dayton Civic Scholars and Honors Program

How much need is there for another social media app?
Andrew Edelblum, management and marketing

University of Dayton Research Institute works on ways to destroy 'forever chemicals'
Dayton Daily News
Takahiro Yamada, UDRI 

Community Conversation: "AI is as important to the future of national security as the invention of the airplane"
Dayton Daily News
Hui "Jack" Wang, civil and environmental engineering and engineering mechanics

Students enthused to create at Project Jericho Summer Arts Camp
Springfield News-Sun
Geno Luketic, art and design


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