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Tindari Shrine

Tindari Shrine

Q: Can you relate the story of Tindari?

A: The Sanctuary of the Madonna del Tindari in Tindari in the diocese of Patti (Province of Messina) is situated on top of a hill overlooking the sea. A Greek colony had built the city of Tindari three centuries before the Christian era, but it was later destroyed by an earthquake. According to tradition, during the time of iconoclasm (7/8 c) the effigy of the Mother of God was transported by sea to the eastern shores of Sicily. A raging tempest forced the ship to land at Tindari where the sailors entrusted monks with the image of Our Lady. This was the origin of Our Lady of Tindari.

The sanctuary was robbed and burnt by pirates in subsequent centuries but was also assiduously rebuilt and restored by bishop and faithful. The official feastday is that of September 8. The image is that of a "Madonna Bruna," a dark Madonna. It was crowned in 1940 and attracts many pilgrims yearly.

Prayer to Our Lady of Tindari


Holy Mary of Tindari
Gift of the Father
You gave light of day
to Our Lord Jesus Christ
by the work of the Spirit.

In your heart as Mother
we trustfully put
our joys and pains, our concerns and promises
all ourselves and our families.

Holding fast to Christ
faithful, meek and humble
we would like to love as you did
loving God as each one
of our brothers and sons.

Docile to the Spirit
and together with you,
we accept our mission
to bring the gospel
to all, by living it.

Star leading toward the eternal Jubilee
we turn our eyes to you
with living hope.
With you we walk securely
toward the eternal banquet.


Santa Maria del Tindari
Tu dono del Padre
per opera dello Spirito,
hai dato alla luce
il nostro Signore Gesù Cristo

Nel tuo cuore di Madre
poniamo fiduciosi
gioie, pene, voti,
noi stessi e la nostra famiglia.

Stringendoci a Cristo,
vigili, miti ed umili,
vogliamo vivere come Te,
amando Dio in ogni fratello.

Con Te, docili allo Spirito,
assumiamo l'impegno
di portare il Vangelo
in ogni realtà, vivendolo.

Guardiamo a Te,
stella verso l'eterno Giubileo,
con speranza certa.
Con Te camminiamo sicuri
incontro all'eterno Convito.

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