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Teacher of Divine Wisdom

Teacher of Divine Wisdom

Christmas 2002

A Reflection on the Third Joyful Mystery

- Doctor Deyanira Flores

Can we love someone we do not even know? Can we love deeply someone we know only vaguely? Why is Jesus, the adorable, eternal and incarnate Wisdom loved so little if not because he is either too little known or not known at all? Hardly anyone studies the supreme science of Jesus, as did St. Paul (Eph.3, 19). And yet this is the most noble, the most consoling, the most useful and the most vital of all sciences and subjects in heaven and on earth.

It is the most noble of all sciences because its subject is the most noble and the most sublime: Wisdom uncreated and incarnate ... 'Jesus Christ is everything that you can and should wish for. Long for him, seek for him, because he is that unique and precious pearl for which you should be ready to sell everything you possess' ....

Nothing is more consoling than to know divine Wisdom. Happy are those who listen to him; happier still are those who desire him and seek him; but happiest of all are those who keep his laws. Their hearts will be filled with that infinite consolation which is the joy and happiness of the eternal Father and the glory of the angels. If only we knew the joy of a soul that perceives the beauty of divine Wisdom and is nourished with the milk of divine kindness, we would cry out with the bride in the Song of Songs: 'Your love is better than wine', better by far than all created delights ....

The knowledge of eternal Wisdom is not only the most noble and the most consoling of all, it is also the most useful and the most necessary since eternal life consists in knowing God and Jesus Christ, his Son (Jn.17, 3) ... If we really want to have eternal life, let us learn all there is to know about Eternal Wisdom ... To know Jesus Christ, incarnate Wisdom, is to know all we need. To presume to know everything and not know him is to know nothing at all ...." (St. Louis M. De Montfort, Love of Eternal Wisdom, 8-11)

May Our Blessed Mother, the person who has best known and loved Jesus Christ, help us to grow ever more in our knowledge and love of her Divine Son!

Blessed New Year!

In recognition of the Year of the Rosary, October 2002 - October 2003

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