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Starting Seeds Indoors

– Edward A. G. McTague

Suggested Seed Starting Kit

1. Metal Tray, 15" x 13" x 2".

2. Vermiculite (expanded mica) in which to sow the seed.

3. Soil Thermometer.

4. Plastic Sprinkler Head.

Nothing is left to chance when you use a Seed-Starting Kit. It includes everything you need to be sure that you will have good results. Use it outdoors. Use it indoors at a sunny window. You can gain weeks of growth by using the Seed-Starting Kit early indoors and transplanting to the garden at the right time. You may move the tray of seedlings outdoors for hardening of the seedlings first and transplant later to the Garden beds.

The Seed-Starting Kit has side funnels for watering. You do not disturb the soil surface or seeds or knock over delicate seedlings. . . No seeds "lost." . . . No seedlings destroyed when watering.

False bottom holds water which rises to seeds and roots everywhere in the growing medium. A "can't lose" drain screw at one side lets you drain away any excess water.

Sterile Vermiculite comes free of fungi which might harm seeds. Ideal for bringing moisture to and draining excess moisture from sprouting seeds. Permits healthy, vigorous root growth, When you transplant, the roots come out perfectly and easily.

A sprinkler head fits a soft drink bottle. Fits, also, a metal sprinkler can if sealed in place with clay or putty. Handy for fine, slow, surface sprinkling where desired. Little or no disturbance of soil surface and delicate seedlings.

A Soil Thermometer keeps the guesswork out of sowing and transplanting. Set the soil thermometer in the Seed Starting Tray or set it in garden beds as needed. Tells when Vermiculite or soil temperatures are right for sowing, sprouting.

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