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Sodalitium of Christian Life

Sodalitium of Christian Life

The Sodalitium Christianae Vitae is a Society of Apostolic Life made up of laymen and priests who live in community as brothers, and have fully given their lives to God, proclaiming the Gospel in the diverse circumstances of human life. It is a community within the Church that was born in the wake of the Second Vatican Council, embracing the guidelines presented in the major Church documents of the time. The Sodalitium Christiane Vitae was Pontifically approved by St. John Paul II in 1997.

Biographical Information

Founder: Luis Fernando Figari

Foundation: 1971

Ecclesial Recognition: Approved as a Society of Apostolic Life by John Paul II in 1997.

Membership: Several countries in America, Europe Asia, Africa and Australia


Lay/Religious: religious

Individual/Community: community


Purpose and Activities

Overall Purpose: Sanctity, with all that means, is the highest purpose of the Sodalist life.

Apostolic commitments:

Marian Characteristics

Major Inspirations: Walking in the company of Mary, the Sodalists learn how to live the full horizon of the Christian life.

General Marian Characteristics: Motivated by fidelity to the divine plan, Sodalists participate in the apostolic work of Holy Mary, following her example and cooperating with God, under her maternal guidance.

Spiritual\Devotional Exercises: Sodalists strive to follow the plan of God, which includes filial piety to Holy Mary, in the way Christ instructed us from the Cross.

Pastoral/Apostolic Endeavors:


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