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Rose Petal Miracles

Rose Petal Miracles

Q: What is the story behind the images of the rose petals in the Philippines?

A: During the 1980s at the grotto of Our Lady of Annunciation, at Christ the King Seminary, Quezon City in the Philippines Islands, rose petals were found being given away that were noted to have been imprinted with images. These petals were similar to a shower of rose petals in Lipa, Phillippines, in 1948, which allegedly took place in the Lipa Carmelite convent, Carmel of Our Lady, Mary Mediatrix of all Grace. 

rose petal close up with the image of Jesus on the cross

rose petal with image of Mary

It is the opinion of the person sending a report to The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute that the imprints on the petals could not have been made by mechanical means.

A book about the Lipa experiences has been written by June Keithley, entitled Lipa, with the original account of the events at Lipa Carmel in 1948 by Mother Mary Cecilia of Jesus, OCD. (ISBN: 971-19-0128-5). The work is a careful and sober study of the phenomena.

Similar occurrences began during the 1980s at the grotto of Our Lady of Annunciation in Quezon City. Recently, persons familiar with the 1980s phenomenon began to test the authenticity of the rose petals. Until today, no explanation has been forthcoming regarding these events.

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