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Prayer for Deacons

Prayer for Deacons

A Marian Prayer for Deacons

This prayer is found in the Directory for the Ministry and Life of Permanent Deacons Congregation for the Clergy published February 22, 1998

Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary

Mary, who as teacher of faith by your obedience to the word of God, has cooperated in a remarkable way with the work of redemption, make the ministry of deacons effective by teaching them to hear the word and to proclaim it faithfully.

Mary, teacher of charity, who by your total openness to God's call has cooperated in bringing to birth all the church's faithful, make the ministry and the life of deacons fruitful by teaching them to give themselves totally to the service of the people of God.

Mary, teacher of prayer, who through your maternal intercession has supported and helped the church from her beginnings, make deacons always attentive to the needs of the faithful by teaching them to come to know the value of prayer.

Mary, teacher of humility, who, by constantly knowing yourself to be the servant of the Lord, has filled with the Holy Spirit, make deacons docile instruments in Christ's work of redemption by teaching them the greatness of being the least of all.

Mary, teacher of that service which is hidden, who by your everyday and ordinary life filled with love knew how to cooperate with the salvific plan of God in an exemplary fashion, make deacons good and faithful servants by teaching them the joy of serving the church with an ardent love.


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