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Pontmain Apparition

Pontmain Apparition

Q: What is the history of Our Lady's appearance at Pontmain? Where is the site located?

A: Pontmain is a sanctuary of Our Lady, invoked under the title of Hope. In the darkest hours of the Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871), Mary appeared to two boys (Eugene and Joseph Barbedette) as a lady dressed in a dark blue robe, sprinkled with stars, a crown on her head over a dark blue veil, and in her hands a red cross. She was surrounded by a blue and oval mandorla.

1) At Pontmain, Mary is a sign of hope in the midst of war. She tells of her Son and renews our hope. She invites us to joy and simplicity.

2) She gathered the whole village/parish around her, not only the two boys, but also the pastor, the sisters and other inhabitants of the area. They said the evening prayer together and remained in prayer for over two hours.

3) On a banner, the following message was transmitted to the two seers: "Pray, my children, God will answer before long. My Son lets himself be moved."

4) The large red crucifix was surmounted by a placard bearing the name of Jesus Christ.

The sanctuary is situated in the North of France, specifically, west from Paris through Le Mans, then Laval, then Mayenne, then Fougere. It can be reached by car or train.

There is also a chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Hope of Pontmain at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. Funds for this chapel were donated by Bob Hope and his wife Dolores.

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