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Pellevoisin Apparitions

Pellevoisin Apparitions

Q:  Who is Our Lady of Pellevoisin?

A:  Pellevoisin. A country village in the diocese of Bourges in France. Here in 1876 Estelle Faguette, a domestic servant, who was dying of consumption, made a remarkable recovery, and lived another half-century, till 1929. Estelle associated her recovery with five visions of our Lady which she claimed, was followed by ten others in the same year. She stated that Mary said to her, "If you want to serve me, be simple, and let your words and deeds agree"; and that among other communications, she said she was very distressed by people's neglect of her Son in prayer and the Blessed Sacrement. She also showed Estelle a white scapular with an image of the Sacred Heart upon it, and told her to ask her bishop to encourage its use in reparation to Jesus. The scapular was in due course approved and a confraternity of Mary, Mother of Mercy, instituted to spread its use; but no mention was made of Pellevoisin in connection with its approval (though St. Margaret Mary was referred to), and it was forbidden to make statues or pictures of our Lady wearing it. The archbishops of Bourges have never pronounced on Estelle Faguette's reputed visions, and the Roman authorities have shown themselves very reserved on the subject. Pilgrims however come to the commemorative chapel at Pellevoisin. There is a shrine of Our Lady of Pellevoisin in New York, in St. Paul's Church, on 117th Street, between Park and Lexington Avenues; and at McIntosh, Ont., there is a church of Our Lady under that name.

Scapular of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

O Mother of Mercy. Who dost offer to us the Scapular of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and who dost desire that all thy children should be clothed with this holy Livery, penetrate our souls with the spirit of reparation and of penance, of which the scapular is the emblem and make us ardently love the Divine Heart, which has loved men so much, and is so little loved in return. Our Lady of Pellevoisin, Who dost love this devotion make all Christians the devoted apostles of the Sacred Heart, and lead them to pray with Thee for the Church and for our Country. Amen.

Scapular with image of Our Lady of Pellevoisin

Prayer addressed to Mary by Estelle Faguette in September 1876 begging for a cure as she was suffering greatly from peritonitis:

Mother of Mercy, here I am once again at your feet

You cannot refuse to hear me
You have not forgotten that I am your child and that I love you
From your Divine Son and for his glory grant me then the grace ----
Remember then the sufferings that you endured that night of the Savior's birth,
when you had to go from door to door seeking shelter.
Remember too what you suffered when Jesus was extended on the cross.
I have confidence in you, O Mother of Mercy.
If you will it, your Son will grant what I ask.
Deign to listen to my supplications and repeat them to him.
That he will grant me this grace ---- if such is his good pleasure, but may his will be done and not mine.
May he grant me at least an entire submission to his designs.
and that this will serve for my salvation and that of sinners.
You possess my heart, O Mother Most Merciful, to do all that depends on me for your glory and that of your Divine Son.
Take under your protection all those who are dear to me....
O Blessed Virgin, grant that I will imitate your obedience and that one day in eternity I shall, with you, possess Jesus.

(Imprimatur - Bourges - A. Girard - December 24, 1975)

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