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Paper Mary

Paper Mary

A Precious Gift 

Clara In donated one of her exquisite paper figures of Our Lady to the Marian Library. Clara is a renowned artist from Seoul, Korea who works with Dakjogie, a special kind of paper typical of Korea. “Dak” is the name of a tree; “jogie” stands for paper in Korean.

Her gift, entitled "Mother and Child of Korea" not only expresses a beautiful intimacy between mother and child, it also carries a message of peace and joy reflected in the subtitle of this endearing paper sculpture, meaning “in his mother’s arm.” As Jesus finds comfort in his mother’s arms, his face and gesture convey a similar message of welcome and hospitality. It is as if Jesus would say, “Here is my mother. I am her son. You are her son or daughter too.”

Mother and Child of Korea: 'In His Mother's Arms'
15cm x 15cm x40 cm, 2007

The garments of the Madonna and of the Child Jesus are united with the color white. In fact, Korean people were traditionally called “the white clad folk.” In Korean culture, the white color conveys the spiritual world, even divinity. The white robes of mother and child are a tribute to God: Father, Son and Spirit. They wear white “Han-bok” (traditional Korean garment), “Bo-sun” (traditional Korean socks), and “Go-mu-shin” (traditional Korean shoes) in traditional ceremonies and commemorations.

The Madonna has a loving expression. She and her Child Jesus are looking out at the world. The artist emphasizes a close relationship between the Mother and Child Jesus.

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