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Our Lady of the Rock

Our Lady of the Rock

Q: Who is "Our Lady of the Rock"?

A: The Virgin Mary allegedly appeared on the mountains of Lopez Canyon, close to Sylmar, California to Maria Paula, mother of six children, one of which became ill with leukemia. She was in critical condition. Her daughter explained that she had seen a beautiful lady and that she asked her to tell her mother, Maria Paula, to visit the mountain at Lopez Canyon, and to leave the world behind and surrender herself to God and His service. Maria Paula visited the mountain at Lopez Canyon for the first time on May 3, 1989, and everyday from then until July 24, 1989. At 5:00 in the morning, Maria Paula was praying the rosary when suddenly she became covered by a white fog. The birds could be heard, and the smell was that of a fresh garden. In the middle of that white curtain appeared a lady with white clothing, standing on a cloud, with a great rosary in her hands. She said:

"I am your Lady of the Rock, Queen of Peace of Southern California. I come to bring you the peace and love that is so needed. I will visit the homes, and I will form one family for the service of the Lord, Our God. I will form an army, and we will work together. I will bring my angel from faraway lands. In him you will confide and tell all that I am indicating to you. Go in the peace of God."

Every thirteenth of the month, Maria Paula receives a new message from the Virgin Mary. There is also a rosary service on the thirteenth with Maria.

– Adapted from material on the ChristusRex website.

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