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Our Lady of Huronia Shrine

Our Lady of Huronia Shrine

Q: Is there an "Our Lady of Huronia" in Canada?

A: The Novalis Guide to Canadian Shrines includes the following in its section on the "Canadian Martyrs' Shrine" in Midland, Ontario:

The grounds include a Grotto of Our Lady of Huronia, a bronze Way of the Cross, an Indian park, the papal visit altar and monument, and the tercentenary monument. There are Italian Filipino, Polish, Portuguese and German shrines, and Lithuanian, Croatian, Slovene, Belarussian and Slovak crosses. There is a statue of Kateri Tekawitha, a fountain honouring St. Joseph, a garden and pond of St. Theresa of the Child Jesus, and a lookout. Along the River Wye there is a walkway to Brébeuf's grave.

The reconstructed Ste. Marie-among-the-Hurons is just across the highway. ... For further information call: (705) 526-3788.

Also, Alexander Roman sent us the following comments:

Our Lady of Huronia is an approved title of Our Lady and has been for about three hundred years from the time of the Canadian Jesuit Martyrs who practiced a tremendous devotion to Mary Immaculate and placed Huronia under her patronage. Two of the Martyrs, Sts. Noel Chabanel and Charles Garnier, both of whom made the "bloody vow" to defend the Immaculate Conception to the death, died on and near the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, December 8, 1649.

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