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Our Lady of Guadalupe, Feast of

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

December 12

– Compiled under the direction of Father Johann Roten, S.M.

This index of material included in the All About Mary website, brings together resources that pertain to this feast. Additional resources may also be available by using the provided search tools.

Magisterial Documents

Marian Devotion: Various Forms of Marian Piety – See: Magisterial Documents: Marian Devotion


See: Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe


See: Poems about Apparitions
Includes: "Ballad of Our Lady of Guadalupe," "Lines to Our Lady of Guadalupe," "Juan Diego," "Mary, Virgin of Guadalupe," "Hail, O Empress of America," "A Guadalupe Poem," "Our Lady of Guadalupe: 1952," "Our Lady of Guadalupe," "The Virgin of Guadalupe," "To The Most Holy Virgin Under the Invocation of Guadalupe," "La Virgen de Guadalupe."


Meditation by Don Antonio Valeriano – See: Nican Mopohua

Today's gospel message is about the mystery of Jesus and its revelation. Today's message deals also with the vocation of Mary. This double revelation about the mystery of Christ and the vocation of Mary is for us cause of....
See: Guadalupe Homily

Greatly astonished, the Franciscan bishop of Mexico, Fray Juan de Zumarraga, contemplates the fresh roses of Castille that sprinkle with colors the floor of his episcopal palace. Tears run down his cheeks as he recognizes the.... See: Latin American Titles of Mary (Mexico)

Is Mary Empress of the Americas? We have much information on Guadalupe, in image and in text.... As to the name and influence of ...See: Empress of the Americas

Among the miraculous Marian images are the so-called "Black Madonnas." Many of these images are quite popular among the faithful. Of the hundreds which presently exist at various shrines, some of the better known images are... See: Black Madonnas Overview

Was Our Lady of Guadalupe ever crowned? See: Our Lady of Guadalupe, Coronation of

What do the symbols mean in the Our Lady of Guadalupe image? See: Guadalupe Symbols

Why are there images of Mary without Jesus? See: Images of Mary without Jesus

Image shown: Original picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe (detail), Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico City

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