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Music for Ordinary Time

Music for Ordinary Time

Marian Music by Titles and Categories Under Seasons

Sources and Key

The following is a compilation of Marian hymns from major Protestant and Catholic hymnals.

Sources: Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant. Traditional, Contemporary, Original.
Based on: Scripture, Liturgy, Patristics, Contemporary Spirituality.
Categories: chant, traditional, contemporary, ecumenical, art songs.



Assumpta Est Maria
Ave Maris Stella (3)
Beata Mater
Beata Es, Virgo Maria
Beata Viscera Mariae Virginis
Benedicta Est Ud, Virgo Maria
Caelestis Aulae Nuntius
Dixit Jesus Matri Suae
Felix Namque Es, Sacra Virgo Maria
Gaude Maria Virgo
Gloriosae Virgiini Mariae
Hodie Glorisa Caeli Regina
Hodie Beata Virgo Maria
Maria Mater Gratiae
Monstra Te Esse Matrem
Nativitas Tua
O Gloriosa Virginum
Omnis Expertem Maculae Mariam
Salve Regina
Sub Tuum Praesidium
Te Gestientem Gaudiis
Tota Pulchra Es, Maria
Tu Gloria Jerusalem
Virgo Arens Christi



All of Seeing, All of Hearing?:

All of seeing, all of hearing, Ev'ry fragrance we perceive, All our touch and all our tasting, In thy Heart we consecrate. In its cooling fire, Mary, All our senses immolate.
All the heart can know of sadness, Ev'ry thing it knows of joy, Ev'ry thing it feels as fearsome, In thy Heart we consecrate. In its noble fire, Mary, All our passions elevate.
All the soul can claim of wisdom, All it stores in memory, All the science that we master, In thy Heart we consecrate. In its humble fire, Mary, All our knowledge dedicate.
All our hearts perceive as lofty, All that moves our will to love, Ev'ry gift that makes us Christlike, In thy Heart we consecrate. In its living fire, Mary, All our being consummate.
(N.Basil #143)

All Creation Rejoices in You:

All creation rejoices in you, O Full of Grace, all the choirs of angels and the whole human race. For you are the holy temple of the Lord; you are the mystic paradise and the glory of virgins. Through you the Son of God become man, though He was God from all eternity. He made your womb His throne, greater far than the heavens themselves, All creation rejoices in you, O Full of Grace! Glory to you!
(Summit # 222)

All-Spotless Heart:

All-spotless heart, no breath of sin E'er marred thy purity; The shining choirs of angels show Quite dim and dark by thee. O fountain sealed, O garden closed Where God cloth take delight, Obtain for us pure hearts to love And honor Him aright.
Most valiant heart, that 'neath the Cross Of Jesus did not quail, It was thy mighty love for Him That would not let thee fail. Teach us thy self-forgetting love And make us strong like thee; Then ask thy Son that we may stand Upon Mount Calvary.
Most tender heart, no floods of grief Thy love could every drown; The sorrows which once pierced thee through Are now thy fairest crown. O Mother blest, thou to thy Son Dost lead us in they train; Right well they grateful children know They cannot trust in vain.
(Summit #317)

Ave, Mary, Full of Grace:

Ave, Mary, full of grace In whose virgin-arms' embrace God to God Himself cloth vow; Alleluia, alleluia! Let me in the temple wait, Jesu, for mine all art Thou.
God is to His temple come; Angels throng the hallowed dome; What beyond hath heaven in store? Alleluia, alleluia! God Himself our flesh cloth wear; This than heaven itself is more.
Incense-gales of gladness rise Where this morning sacrifice 'Mid re-echoing shouts is made: Alleluia, alleluia@ Evening's rite in tears shall end, On the dark'ning Cross display.
There behold the Oblation wrought, By Whose precious ransom brought, We are all to God made nigh: Alleluia, alleluia! Now no longer, Lord, our own, Thine we live and Thine we die.
Let Thy servants now depart; May we see Thee as Thou art: Nought of earth arrest our eyes! Alleluia, alleluia@ Let us here with Jesus grow, And in Him hereafter rise.
(Summit # 282)

Ave, Regina Sacratissimi Rosarii:

Ave, Regina Sacratissimi Rosarii, Ora pro nobis. Ave Regina Sacratissimi Rosarii, Ora ro nobis.
Glorious Mary, Queen and Giver of the Rosary, Pray for us, your children. In your most holy joys, in your sorrows and your glories, You, our Queen, we honor.
(N. Basil #156)

Because You Live Again, O Rose:

Because you live again, O Rose Who bloomed in Guadalupe's snows, In this your image, flow'ring fair, Our songs as flowers fill the air.
O Virgin, Rose in brambles grown, Who chose this people for your own, Your flow'ring image glorifies The tangled brushwood of our lives.
God made you lovely past compare, Your life was one unfolding prayer; And then He fashioned you again, An image which He gave to men.
We pray, protect us as your own And intercede at Heaven's throne; While here we kneel before your face, Send down a ray of saving grace.
(N. Basil #162)

Blessed Be That Maid Mary (Christmas):

Blessed be that Maid Mary; Born He was of her body; Very God ere time began Born in time the Son of Man. Ref. Eya! Jesus hodie Natus est de Virgine.
In the manger of an ass Jesu lay and lulled was; Born to die upon the Tree Pro peccante homine.
Sweet and blissful was the song Chanted of the angel throng: "Peace on earth," alleluia, "In excelsis gloria!"
Fare three kings from far-off land, Incense, gold and myrrh in hand; In Bethlehem the Babe they see, Staellae ducti lumine.
Make we joy now in this feast, In quo Christus natus est; On this Child, I pray you, call To assoil and save us all.
(Summit #276)

Blessed Virgin Mother:

Blessed Virgin Mother, daughter of your Son, Highest of all women, humbler there is none. When you bore the savior by divine decree, You gave all creation new nobility.
When the Source of Hope sprang forth against Despair, And the God of Love as nourished by your care, Then the fire of grace did flourish and increase, Spreading through the nations news of heav'nly peace.
You are loving kindness, ever know our need; You are all compassion, gladly intercede, You are all perfection In the human race, Through your mediation we can share God's grace.
(Hours #294)

Concordi Laetitia:

Concordi laetitia, Propulsa maestitia, Mariae praeconia Recolat Ecclesia: Virgo Maria
Quam concentu parili Chori laudant caelici, Et nos cum caelestibus, Novum melos pangimus: Virgo Maria.
O Regina virginum, Votis fave supplicum, Et post mortis stadium, Vitae confer praemium: Virgo Maria.
Gloriosa Trinitas, Indivisa Unitas, Ob Mariae merita, Nos salve per saecula: Virgo maria.
(N.Basil #151)

Daily, Daily Sing to Mary:

Daily, daily sing to Mary, Sing with joy her praises due! All her feasts, her actions honor, With the heart's devotion true. Lost in wond' ring contemplation, Be her majesty confessed! Call her Mother, call her Virgin, Happy Mother Virgin blest!
She is mighty in her pleading, Tender in her loving care, Ever watchful, understanding, All our sorrows she will share. Advocate and loving Mother, Mediatrix of all grace! Heaven's blessing she dispenses On our sinful human race.
Sing my tongue, the Virgin's honors, Who for us her maker bore, For the curse of old inflicted, Peace and blessing to restore. Sing in songs of praise unending, Sing the world's majestic Queen; Weary not nor faint in telling All the gifts that earth has seen.
All my senses, heart, affections, Strive to sound her glory forth. Spread abroad the sweet memorials Of the Virgin's priceless worth. Where the voice of music thrilling, Where the tongues of eloquence, That can utter hymns befitting All her matchless excellence?
(Collegeville #313)

Dawn-Star of the World's Redemption:

Dawn-star of the world's redemption, Lo! we hail thee 'full of grace'! Destined mother of the Savior Promised to our fallen race, Kings and prophets have foretold thee And desired to see thy face.
Called by "God's divine election To a wondrous destiny And preserved by His protection From all sin and evil free, Mother of His Son Incarnate Yet a virgin still to be.
Sorrow, pain and deep affliction Marked thy pathway here on earth From the moment of the 'Fiat' To the day which saw His birth And the dreadful consummation In the mystery of His death.
But when He achieved our ransom Raised aloft on Calvary, Mother of mankind He named thee, Of the souls He had redeemed. A new Eve to guard the Eden Of the Church's mystery.
Therefore now we praise the Father And His well-beloved Son, With the sanctifying Spirit Ever reigning with Them One. Praise we God, the One Eternal, For the marvels He has done!
(Summit #352)

Faithful Love:

Hail, Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you. Blest, blest are you.
Virgin so blest, you received God's Word. Praise God with faithful love. Mother of God, giving birth to Christ, Praise God with faithful love.
Handmaid of God, favored with great love. Ref. Woman of peace, open to God's grace. Ref.
Bearer of Christ, Mother of the Church. Ref. Star of the sea, bright guiding light. Ref.
Mary Immacualte, gift of grace. Ref. Glorious Mary near to God. Ref.
Lady of sorrows, you stood with Christ, Ref. Model of love, standing at our side. Ref.
(G&P #71)

For Mary, Mother of Our Lord:

For Mary, Mother of our Lord, God's holy Name be praised, Who first the Son of God adored As on her Child sh gazed.
Brave, holy virgin, she believed, Though hard the task assigned, And by the Holy Ghost conceived The Savior of mankind.
She gave her body as God's shrine Her heart to piercing pain; She knew the cost of love divine When Jesus Christ was slain.
Dear Mary, from your lowliness And home in Galilee There comes a joy and holiness To every family.
Hail, Mary; you are full of grace, Above all women blest; And blest your Son, Whom your embrace In birth and death confessed.
(Summit #223)

Hail, O Queen of Heaven Enthroned:

Hail, O Queen of heaven enthroned! Hail, by angels mistress owned! Root of Jesse, Gate of Morn, alleluia. Whence the world's true Light was born, alleluia!
Glorious Virgin, joy to thee, Loveliest whom in heaven they see; Fairest thou, where all are fair, alleluia, Plead with Christ our sins to spare, alleluia.
(Summit #348)

Hail, Mary, Pearl of Grace:

Hail, Mary, Pearl of grace, Pure flow'r of Adam's race And vessel rare of God's election; We sinners crave thy sure protection; Ave, ave, Maria! Ave, eve Maria!
Hail, queen of high estate, Conceived immaculate To form Incarnate Love's pure dwelling; From thee flows joy beyond all telling. Ave.
A fairer, purer Eve, Her fall thou didst retrieve, For Man's debt giving God in payment; God's stars thy crown, His sun thy raiment; Ave.
Through His dear blood Who died, By sinners crucified, Thou art preserved and we forgiven; Thou art the golden gate to heaven; Ave.
(Summit #394)

Hail, Queen of Heaven:

Hail, Queen of Heaven, hail, our Mother compassionate, True life and comfort and our hope, we greet you! To you we exiles, children of Eve, raise our voices. We send up sigh to you, as mourning and weeping, we pass through this vale of sorrow. Then turn to us, O most gracious Woman, those yeses of yours, so full of love and tenderness, so full of pity. And grant us after these, our days of lonely exile, the sight of your blest Son and Lord, Christ Jesus. O gentle, O loving, O holy sweet Virgin Mary.
(Worship 3 #703)

Hail, Queen of Heaven, the Ocean Star:

Hail, Queen of heaven, the ocean star, Guide of the wand'rer here below; Thrown on life's surge, we claim thy care; Save us from peril and from woe. Mother of Christ, star of the sea, Pray for the wand'rer, pray for me.
O gentle, chaste, and spotless maid. We sinners make our prayers through thee; Remind thy son that he has paid The price of our iniquity. Virgin most pure, star of the sea, Pray for the Sinner, pray for Me.
Sojourners in this vale of tears, To thee blest advocate, we cry; Pity our sorrows, calm our fears, And soothe with hope our misery. Refuge in grief, star of the sea, Pray for the mourner, pray for me.
And while to him who reigns above, In God-head One, in Persons Three, The source of life, of grace, of love, Homage we pay on bended knee, Do thou, bright Queen, star of the sea, Pray for thy children, pray for me.
(Collegeville #315)

Hail, Holy Queen:

Hail, holy Queen enthroned above, O Maria. Hail, Queen of mercy and of love, O Maria. Triumph, all ye Cherubim, Sing with us, ye Seraphim, Heaven and earth resound the hymn: Salve, Salve, Salve, Regina.
The cause of joy to all below, O Maria. The spring through which all graces flow, O Maria. Angels, all your praises bring, Earth and heaven with us sing, All creation echoing: Salve.
O gentle, loving, holy one, O Maria. The God of light became your Son, O Maria. Triumph, all yet Cherubim, Sing with us, ye Seraphim, Heaven and earth resound the hymn: Salve.
(Worship 3 #702)

Hail, Our Queen and Mother Blest:

Hail, our Queen and Mother blest! Joy when all was sadness, Life and hope you brought to birth, Mother of our gladness! Children of the sinful Eve, Sinless Eve, befriend us, Exiled in this vale of tears: Strength and comfort send us!
Pray for us, O Patroness, Be our consolation! Lead us home to see your Son, Jesus, our salvation! Gracious are you, full of grace, Loving as none other, Joy of heaven and joy of earth, Mary God's own Mother!
(Collegeville #320)

Hail, O Star of Ocean:

Hail, O star of ocean, Gate to joy supernal, Ever-virgin Mother Of the Lord eternal!
Taking that great Ave Once by Gabriel spoken, Eva's name reversing, Be of peace our token.
Break the sinners' fetters, Light to blind restoring, Every ill dispelling, Every boon imploring.
Show thyself a mother In thy supplication; He will hear, Who chose thee At His Incarnation.
Maiden all excelling, Ever meek and holy, Freed from sin preserve us; Make us pure and lowly.
Keep our life all spotless, All our ways defending, Till we gaze on Jesus With a Joy unending.
Praise we God the Father, With Christ's worship blending And the Holy Spirit, In one praise unending.
(Summit #210)

Hear Our Prayer, O Gentle Mother:

Hear our prayer, O gentle mother, Help us worship as we gather That with you we may give praise To the Father all our days.
Mirror of a true believer, Putting on the mind of Jesus In the word of your own Son You could see the kingdom come.
Hear our prayer, most loving Father, Through the virgin-born, our brother; In the Spirit may we bring This our homage as we sing
(Jan.l) Woman, raised above all nations, Chosen out of all cration, Mary, you have brought to birth Jesus, Lord of all the earth.
(Mar. 25) Humbly you received the greeting Brought by Gabriel to your dwelling. Though in darkness you believe, Through the Spirit you conceived.
(May 31) As your cousin comes to meet you, "Blest of women," so she greets you. John who leaps within her womb Knows the Bridegroom will come soon.
(Aug. 15 & Dec. 8) Mary, virgin, sinless mother, Humble, pow'rful, full of wonder, Help us have the calm to see What your Son calls us to be.
(Sept. 15) Mary, standing still and grieving As your Son in Pain hung bleeding, You have known within your heart All the torment of the dark.
(Hours #295)

Holy Light:

Holy light on earth's horizon, Star of hope to those who fall, Light amid a world of shadows, Dawn of God's design for all. Chosen from eternal ages, You alone of all our race, By your Son's atoning merits Were conceived in perfect grace.
Mother of the world's Redeemer, Promised from the dawn of time; How could one so highly favored Share the guilt of Adam's crime? Sun and moon and star adorn you, Sinless Eve, triumphant sign; you it is who crushed the serpent, Mary, plege of life divine.
Earth below and highest heaven Praise the splendor of your state, You who now are crowned in glory Were conceived immaculate. Hail, beloved of the Father, Mother of his only Son, Mystic bride of Love eternal, Hail, O fair and spotless one!
(Collegeville #330)

Holy Mary, Now We Crown You:

Ref.: Holy Mary, now we crown you, Honored Queen of all our race; Noble Virgin, may our tribute Win your love and gain us grace.
On this day we sing your praises, Purest maid of all the earth; While the beauty of the springtime Tells your joy at Jesus' birth.
Stain of sin has never marred you, Nature's only spotless bloom; God, whose might exceeds the heavens, You have sheltered in your womb.
Glorious Queen, look down in kindness While before your throne we stand; Bring God's blessing to your children; Watch our homes and guard our land.
Gate of heaven, you were Mother To the King of heaven and earth; Now be Mother to your subjects, In our souls give Jesus birth.
Queen of heaven, while creation Speaks the grandeur of God's love, Mold our hearts to seek his glory Till we reach our home above.
(PMB #177)

Holy Light on Earth's Horizon:

Holy light on earth's horizon, Star of hope to fallen man, Light amid a world of shadows, Dawn of God's redemptive plan. Chosen from eternal ages Thou alone of all our race By thy Son's atoning merits Wast conceived in perfect grace.
Mother of the world's Redeemer Promised from the dawn of time; How could one so highly favored Share the guilt of Adam's crime? Sun and moon and stars adorn thee, Sinless Eve, triumphant sign; Thou art she who crushed the serpent, Mary, Pledge of life divine.
Earth below and highest heaven Praise the splendor of thy state; Thou who now art crowned in glory Wast conceived immaculate. Hail, beloved of the Father, Mother of His only Son, Mystic bride of Love Eternal: Hail, thou fair and spotless one!
(Summit #395)

I'll Sing a Hymn to Mary:

I'll sing a hymn to Mary, The Mother of my God, The Virgin of all virgins, Of David's royal blood. Oh, teach me, holy Mary, A loving song to frame, When wicked men blaspheme thee, To love and bless thy name.
The saints are high in glory, With golden crowns so bright; But brighter far is Mary Upon her throne of light. Oh, that which God did give thee, Let mortal ne''er disclaim; When wicked men blaspheme thee, I'll love and bless thy name.
(N. Basil #155)

I Sing a Maid:

I sing a maid of tender years To whom-an angel came, And knelt, as to a mighty queen, And bowed his wings of flame: A nation's hope in her reply, This maid of matchless grace; For God's own son became her child, And she his resting place.
She watched him grow to manhood's strength To meet his destiny, And when the danger of his truth Brought him to Calvary, She stood by him all powerless To ease his dying pain, 'Til in the darkest hour of all, She held her son again.
And if the song had ended then, Our eyes would fill with tears, But ah! the song had just begun To echo down the years! Now lift your voices, hearts and souls, To sing with one accord To honor Mary, Mother of The Christ, the Risen Lord!
(Gather # 327)

I Sing of a Maiden (Christmas):

I sing of a maiden That is makeles; King of all kings To her Son she ches.
He came all so stifle There His mother was, As dew in Aprille That falleth on the grass.
He came all so stifle To His mother's bower, As dew in Aprille That falleth on the flower.
He came all so stifle There His mother lay, As dew in Aprille That falleth on the spray.
Mother and maiden Was never none but she; Well may such a lady Goddess mother be.
(Summit #300)

Immaculate Mary:

Immaculate Mary, your praises we sing; You reign now in splendor with Jesus our King. Ave, Ave, Ave, Maria. Ave, Ave, Maria.
Predestined for Christ by eternal decree, God willed you both virgin and mother to be. Ave.
To you by an angel, the Lord God made known The grace of the Spirit, the gift of the Son. Ave.
Most blest of all women, you heard and believed, Most blest in the fruit of your womb then conceived. Ave.
The angels rejoiced when you brought forth God's Son; Your Joy is the joy of all ages to come. Ave.
(Worship 3 #708)

In This your Month, Creation's Queen:

In this your month, creation's Queen, When fields have blossomed and the trees, The diadem of flow'rs we bring With your great majesty agrees, For Solomon, in all his state, Was not arrayed as one of these.
O Mother, you who ruled the House At Nazareth upon the hill, Your Son has set upon your brow A crown of stars so you may still Rule over angels and the earth, And see that all things do His will.
We pray you, then, to set upon Your children coronals of grace To brighten joy of innocence Or tears of sadness to efface, That all may celebrate your love When we shall see you face to face.
And as we spread before your eyes These paths of praise with blossoms strown, We ask that you, when time shall cease, Will call us as Christ's very own, To stand beside the Crystal Sea And cast our crowns before His throne.
(N. Basil #146)

Maiden, Yet a Mother:

Maiden, yet a mother, Daughter of thy Son, High beyond all other, Lowlier is non; Thou the consummation Planned by God's decree, When our lost creation Nobler rose in thee!
Thus His place prepared, He Who all things made 'Mid His creatures tarried, In thy bosom laid; There His love He nourished Warmth that gave increase To the root whence flourished Our eternal peace.
Noon on Zion's mountain Is thy charity; Hope its living fountain Finds on earth in thee. Lady, such thy power, He who grace would buy Not as of thy dower, Without wings would fly.
Nor alone thou hearest When thy name we hail; Often thou art nearest When our voices fail; Mirrored in thy fashion All creation's good Mercy might, compassion Grace they womanhood.
Lady, lest our vision, Striving heavn'nward, fail, Still let thy petition With thy Son prevail, Unto Whom all merit, Pow'r and majesty With the Holy Spirit And the Father be.
(Summit #218)

Maria, Mater Gratiae:

Maria, Mater gratiae, Dulcis parens clementiae, Tu nos abhoste prot‚g‚, Et mortis hora suscipe.
Jesu, tibi sit gloria, Qui natus es de Virgine, Cum Patre et almo Spiritu, In sempiterna saecula. Amen.
O Mary, Mother full of grace, Mother of love and mercy, hear! Help us our enemy to face, And at the hour of death be near.
Eternal praise to Thee, O Lord, Born of a Virgin ever pure; Praise to the holy Trinity While endless ages yet endure. Amen.
(N.Basil #148)

Mary, How Lovely the Light of Your Glory:

Mary, how lovely the light of your glory, From David's house, royal daughter you come, Holier, higher than angels in heaven, Holiest, highest through all God has done.
Blest of all women, both Virgin and Mother, Favored in grace for the Son whom you bore. Christ is your Son whom all peoples must worship, Christ is your Son whom all angels adore.
Pray for us, plead for us, exiles in darkness, Pray with us, praying to Christ in our needs; All pow'r is given him here and in heaven, Christ ever lives for us and intercedes.
(Worship 3 #711)

Mary, Pow'rful, Sinless Woman  (Lent):

Mary, pow'rful, sinless woman, Gentle mother of our God, You conceived God's word in darkness And as virgin bore his cross. Ref.: Mary, filled with prayerful wonder At the greatness of your Son, You reveal the Father's glory, Telling all that he has done. Mary, mother of our Savior, Mother of our Lord and God, You were called to be our mother By our brother from his cross.
Mary, searching in the temple, Searching for your child and God, For three days you failed to find him In the darkness of the cross.
Mary guest at Cana's wedding, Caring mother of our Telling Jesus wine is lacking That our joy may not be lost.
Mary standing on the hillside, Grieving mother of our God, Sharing in the pain of Jesus As he dies upon the cross.
Mary, waiting for the Spirit, Mother of our Lord and God, Teach us peace and teach us freedom In the triumph of the cross.
(Hours #296)

Mary, Crowned with Living Light:

Mary, crowned with living light, Temple of the Lord, Place of peace and holiness, Shelter of the Word. Mystery of sinless life In our fallen race, Free from shadow, you reflect Plenitude of grace.
virgin-mother of our God, Lift us when we fall, Who were named upon the Cross Mother of us all. Father, Son and Holy Ghost, Heaven sings your praise; Mary Magnifies your name Through eternal days.
(Hours #297)

Mary, Filled with Grace:

Mary, filled with grace, Chosen of our race-Lord, by faith, what a life we've won! Mary, humble servant still, Serving your eternal will, Father, may your kingdom come, your will be done!
As she knelt in prayer, Your own angel there, Mary, learned she would bear your Son. So, in prayer, your Church has heard Heaven's holy, mighty Word. Father.
As all saints know how, God, we praise you now, For the new era just begun. For the angel's final call, Heaven's message for us all: Father.
Keep us faithful, too, Loyal, brave, and true, Waiting, trusting, we shall be one. Let it happen! "Let it be!" Let our faith be firm and free! Father.
(American #264)

Mary Immaculate, Mother and Maid :

Mary immaculate, Mother and Maid! Help of all Christians who ask for your aid; Refuge of sinners and strength of the frail, Shield of the troubled heart when doubts assail.
Virgin most powerful, hear as we pray! Ever be near to us, guard us each day. Guide us, O Mary, until life is done; Then at last may we find heaven is won.
(N. Basil #149)

Mary, Thou Art Fairest:

Mary, thou art fairest, Novum gaudium, Thou this day appearest, Virgo virginum.
Mary, like no other, Novum gaudium. Soon to be God's mother, Virgo virginum.
God Himself did raise thee, Novum gaudium. Queen of heaven, we pray thee, Virgo virginum.
(Summit #353)

Now the World is Saved from Darkness:

Now the world is saved from darkness: Mary's era is begun; See, her sign appears in heaven: Fatima's resplendent sun. Lady, with the sun for raiment, Come to us, dispel our night; As at Fatima you promised, Be our Lady of the light.
Lady, we of ev'ry nation Humbly come before your face, Offering our reparation; Take us to the throne of grace. End the wars that rage around us, In our weakness prove your might; Fatima will mean forgiveness, You its Queen, will be our light.
(N.Basil #161)

O Mary of Graces:

O Mary of graces and mother of Christ, O may you direct me and guide me aright. O may you protect me from Satan's control, And may you protect me in body and soul.
O may you protect me by land and by sea. And may you protect me from sorrows to be; A strong guard of angels above me provide; May God be before me and God at my side.
(Collegeville #332)

O Mary, of All Women:

O Mary, of all women You are the chosen one, Who, ancient prophets promised, Would bear God's only Son; All Hebrew generations Prepared the way to thee, That in your womb the God-man Might come to set us free.
O Mary, you embody All God taught to our race, For you are first and foremost In fullness of his grace; We praise this wondrous honor: That you gave birth to him Who from you took his manhood And saved us from our sin.
(PMB #179)

O Mother Blest:

O Mother blest, whom God bestows On sinners and on just, What joy, what hope thou givest those Who in thy mercy trust. Ref.: Most holy Mary, at thy feet Thy children bend a suppliant knee; Dear Mother of my God, Do thou remember me.

Remember, Mary, Virgin fair, It never yet was told That humbly sought thy care Departed unconsoled. Ref.
O Mother blest, for me obtain, Ungrateful though I be, To love that God Who first could deign To show such love to me. Ref.

O Virgin All Lovely:

O Virgin all lovely, O Mother all gracious, O Daughter of God. O Star brightly shining, O Rose sweetly fragrant, O Lily pure. Ref. Joyous we praise thee, Virgin all lovely, O Daughter of God.
O Dwelling of glory, Thou Whiter than iv'ry, O House all of gold. The Word there resideth; Thy God thou adorest In joyous love. Ref.
O Virgin all holy, Thy soul filled with graces, O Mother of God, Be near us in danger; To us make propitious Thy Son, our Judge. Ref.
(N.Basil #160)

O Mary, Our Mother:

O Mary, our mother, to you do we come; In all our afflictions, your love is our home. Your heart is so gentle, so loving, so mild; You will not reject any suppliant child.
O Mary, our mother, be gracious to all When burdened with sadness, to you do we call. In sorrow, in darkness, O be at our side; For you are our mother, our comfort and guide.
O Mary, our mother, so loving, so mild; You love us as dearly as you loved your Child. In life let us ever be faithful and true, That death may but lead us to Jesus and you.
(Collegeville #317)

O Most Holy One:

O most holy one, O most lowly one, Loving Virgin, Maria! Mother, Maid of fairest love, Lady, Queen of all above, Ora, ore pro nobis!
Virgin ever fair, Mother, hear our prayer, Look upon us, Maria! Bring to us your treasure, Grace beyond all measure; Ora, ore pro nobis!
(American #289)

O Queen of the Holy Rosary:

O Queen of the Holy Rosary, Oh, bless us as we pray, And offer thee our roses In garlands day by day, While from our Father's garden With loving hearts and bold, We gather to shine honor Buds white and red and gold.
O Queen of the Holy rosary, Each myst'ry blends with shine The sacred life of Jesus In ev'ry step divine. Thy soul was His fair garden, Thy virgin breast His throne, Thy thoughts His faithful mirror Reflecting Him alone.
O Queen of the Holy Rosary, We share thy joy and pain, And long to see the glory Of Christ's triumphant reign. Oh, teach us holy Mary, To live each mystery, And gain by patient suffering The glory won by thee.
(N. Basil #157)

O Purest of Creatures:

O purest of creatures, sweet Mother, sweet Maid, The one spotless womb wherein Jesus was laid, All lost in the darkness we call upon thee, And look to thy shining bright Star of the Sea.
O fairest of virgins, sweet Mother, sweet Maid, Whom God in His goodness with beauty arrayed! He lovingly chose thee His mother to be; He shone in thy shining, bright Star of the Sea.
Oh, may thy pure light on our souls ever shine; And keep them unsullied and sinless as shine, Till after this exile united we be, Through ages unending, in glory with thee.
(N.Basil #136)

O Queen of Peerless Majesty:

O "Queen of peerless majesty, Maria! Thou glorious Queen of victory, Maria! All to thee subjected lies, All creation lifts its eyes: Ref.: O stand beside us, Protect and guide us In death and life, In ev'ry strife, Maria!
O morning star that scatters night, Maria! Upon our darkness spread thy light, Maria! When we toss on stormy waves, Thou the star that leads and saves: Ref.
O heaven's portal, Virgin pure, Maria! An entrance safe for us procure, Maria! Show us mercy when we die, Lead us to thy Son on high: Ref.
(N.Basil #159)

O Heart of Mary, Pure and Fair:

O heart of Mary, pure and fair And free from sin's domain, In Adam's fall you had no share In you there is no stain.
As some fair lily grown in thorns, Your heart so full of grace With spotless purity adorns Our sinful fallen race.
The Heart of Christ, by God's decree, Was formed beneath your heart; We long to love Him worthily: In your love give us part.
You kept His words within your heart and gave them veneration; Give us the grace which they impart Give us their consolation.
(Summit #318)

O Mary, Conceived in the Grace of Your Son:

O Mary, conceived in the grace of your Son, The first-fruits of vict'ry on Calvary won! He chose you as mother to bring Him to birth, The one fitting shrine for His dwelling on earth.
Immaculate Virgin, with motherhood blessed, True God is the Child that in your womb did rest; With you shall we ever 'Magnificat' sing, Whose Son is our Maker and Savior and King!
O Mother, who stood by your Son till His death, Still stand by your children till life's dying breath; O Pray for us all, as in glory you share Your Son's resurrection, His masterpiece fair!
(Summit #396)

O Virgin Mother of Our God:

O Virgin Mother of our God, While we thy matchless glories chant, Do thou in answer to our praise To us abundant graces grant.
We Adam's guilty children are, A sin-infected progeny; Thou art, O Virgin, we believe, Alone from primal blemish free.
The envious dragon's cruet head Thou with they heel cost trample down, And of a stainless origin Thou only cost the glory own.
O glory of the human race, Who takes eve's reproach away, Protect us when we cry to thee; Our stumbling footsteps deign to stay.
Thy clients' humble prayer and tears regard with pity, virgin kind; Grant that from hellish foes we may Through thy strong arm protection find.
From ancient serpent's wiles and force thy clients mightily defend, that through thy mercy we may win those heavenly joys which never end.
O Dawn that cloth precede the sun, of our Salvation herald bright; Thine aid, O Virgin, we invoke, Who live in shades of earthly night.
Thou only art refreshed with dew, While parched by sun the arid plain; When all around is wet with dew, Alone thou cost untouched remain.
Jesus, to Thee be glory given, Whom once the Virgin-Mother bore; With Father and with Spirit blest Through endless ages evermore.
(Summit #288)

O Sanctissima:

O sanctissima, O piissima, Dulcis virgo Maria! Mater amata, Intemerata, Ora, ore pro nobis.
Tu solatium Et refugium, Virgo mater Maria! Quidquid optamus, Per te speramus, Ora, ore pro nobis.
(Worship 3 #712)

O Virgo Maria, Dei Plena Gratia:

Adorn your bridal chamber, Zion. Ecce mundi gaudia; come, all welcome Christ the King: In te sunt solemnia. Ref. O Virgo Maria, Dei plena gratia!
Welcome Mary, gate of heaven: Ecce mundi gaudia! For she bears the King of Light. In te sunt solemnia. Ref.
Virgin bearing high the Son, Ecce mundi gaudia! Shining before the day-star, In te sunt solmnia. Ref.
Holding Him within his arms, Ecce mundi gaudia! Simeon proclaimed aloud: In te sunt solemnia. Ref.
(Summit #284)

O Lady, Crowned with Glory Bright:

O Lady, crowned with glory bright, Sublime above the starry height; Thine arms the great Creator pressed, A suckling at they sacred breast. Through that loved Offspring we receive The bless once lost through hapless Eve, And heaven to morals open lies Now thou art Portal of the skies.
Thou art the Door of heaven's high King, Light's Gateway fair and welcoming; Life through a Virgin is restored; Ye ransomed nations, praise the Lord! All honor, laud and glory be, O Jesu, Virgin-Born, to Thee; All glory, as is ever meet, To Father and to Paraclete.
(Summit #212)

O Holy Mary: 

Ref.: O holy Dwelling Place of God. O holy Temple of the Word. O holy Mary, holy Mother of God.
O radiant star of heaven, illumining the night; reflection of the Son, our source of life and light.
O blest beyond all others, Of ev'ry land and race, possessing in your soul the Fullness of God's grace.
From heaven the angel Gabriel announced the ancient plan and humbly you accepted to bear the God-made man.
With joy beyond all measure you cared for God's own son and pondered in your heart the new age now begun.
Exquisite was your sorrow, unequaled was the loss you suffered when your son was raised upon the cross.
All praise and adoration we sing now to your son who reigns in highest heaven and has the vict'ry won.
(Journey #499)

O What Light and Glory Deck Thee:

O what light and glory Deck thee, all resplendent, Thou of royal David Glorious descendant; Mary every-virgin, Who in heaven art dwelling, All the choirs of angels Evermore excelling!
Mother, yet the honor Of a virgin bearing, For the Lord of angels Dwelling pure preparing; Him within thy bosom Chastely thou enshrines; Thus our God incarnate Takes His flesh divinest.
Whom the whole creation Evermore adoreth, And all lowly bending Rightly now imploreth, May His pity grant us, Far our darkness sending With thee in His glory Joy and light unending!
Hear us, holy Father, Through Thy Son supernal, With the Holy Spirit, God and Lord eternal; Who with Thee in glory Liveth and abideth, Who the world and all things Governeth and guideth. Amen.
(Summit #214)

O Quam Glorifica:

O quam glorifica luce coruscas, Stirpis Davidicae regia proles! Sublimis residers Virgo Maria, Supra caeligenas aethers omnes.
Tu cum virgineo mater honor, Angelorum Domino pectoris aulam Sacris visceribus caste parasti; Natus hinc Deus est corpore Christus.
Quem cunclus venerans orbis adorat, Cui nunc rite genu flectitur omne; A quo te, peteimus subveniente, Abjectis tenebris, gaudia lucis.
Hoc largire Pater lumnis omnis, Natus per proprium, Flamine sacro. Qui Tecum nitida vivit in aethra Regnans, ac moderans saecula cuncta. Amen.
(Summit #213)

O Blest of God:

O Blest of God, accept our prayers this day Whereon to heaven's portals thou west borne. Dear to the Father and Our Lord's own mother pure: Ref. O spotless blessed Lady, gloria!
Fair spouse of God, thou Christ the King hast borne; Lady thou art in heaven and in earth. This day hosts led thee to the court of heaven: Ref.
Jesus Himself , to welcome thee that tide, Came with the angels forth and set thee there On His right hand forever in His Father's throne: Ref.
O gracious mediatrix, next to God Our only hope, commend us to thy Son, That we in highest heaven may alleluias sing. Ref.
(Summit #343)

O Radiant Joy of All the Powers Above:

O radiant joy of all the powers above, and here on earth a strong defense for all mankind! To you we come, O purest Maiden; Save us who humbly call on you! For after God Himself, to whom can we turn?
(Summit #217)

O Maria, O Star of Morning:

O Maria, O Star of Morning! Would that I could tell the story Of thy sungirt, starlit glory, O Maria, the skies adorning!
O Maria, sun is thy vesture, Moon thy footstool so resplendent, Stars thy crown, O maid transcendent, Fair and graceful in every gesture.
O Maria, O Queen of heaven, Of our God the holy mother, Hope of sinners like no other; Praise of angels to thee is given.
(Summit #347)

O'er All Creation's Realm You Reign:

O'er all creation's realm you reign As queen, O Virgin without stain; In grace abounding, you appear Endowed with beauty of the sphere.
Before His throne, Who all things made, You sine supreme, with light arrayed, Predestined God the Son to bear, Who fashioned you with tender care.
In Christ raised high upon the Tree Our all-victorious King we see, And you who in His passion shared Are Mother of mankind declared.
Endowed with Heaven's favors rare, Protect us in your loving care, Accept the grateful hymn we raise To offer you our heartfelt praise.
All glory be to You O Lord, The Virgin's Son by all adored, With Father and the Spirit be All glory Yours eternally.
(Summit #346)

Ocean Star, We Greet You:

Ocean star, we greet you: Maid of fame immortal, God's beloved Mother, Heaven's joyous portal.
Even as the angel Used the name of Eva, Changing it ot Ave, Greet us, make us peaceful.
Break our chains forever; Banish ev'ry sadness; Be our light to guide us; Be our ev'ry gladness.
Be our intercessor; Show yourself a mother; Jesus came to save us Through you and no other.
Praise to God the Father, To the Son forever, And the Holy Spirit, Three in One together.
(N.Basil #129)

Ocean Star, I Hail Thee  (Stella Matutina):

Ocean star, I hail thee: Ave, Maria! God's own mother Mary, nostra domina! O Mary, help thy children Now and when death is nigh.
Thornless blessed Rose-tree: Ave, Maria! God for mother chose thee, nostra domina! O Mary, help thy children Now and when death is night.
Lead us to our Jesus: Ave, Maria! Joyfully receive us, nostra domina! O Mary, help thy children Now and when death is nigh.
(Summit #387)

Of One That is So Fair and Bright:

Of one that is so fair and bright, Velut maris stella; Brighter than the day's own light, Parens et puella; I cry to thee-look thou to me-Lady, pray thy Son for me, Tam pie, That I may come to thee, Maria.
All this world was lay forlorn Eve peccatrice, Till Jesu our Lord was born De te genetrice. With eve darkness went away, Fled the night and came the day Salutis; He sprung from thee the well Virtutis.
Lady, flow'r of everything, Rosa sine spine, Thou bore Jesu, heaven's King Gratia divine. Of all indeed thou bear the prize, Lady, Queen of paradise Electa; Maiden mild, mother es Effecta.
In trouble, counsel thou art best, Felix fecundate; Of all the weary thou art rest, Mater honorata. Beseech Him with that heart so mild, Who for us did shed His blood In cruce, That we may come to Him in luce.
Well He knows He is they Son, Ventre quem portasti; He will not deny thy boon, Parvum quem lactasti. So gracious and so good He is He hath brought us all to bless Superni, Who the foul pit hat shut Inferni.
(Summit #219)

Praise God for Mary/Serdeczna Matko:

Praise God for Mary. See what she's perceiving: God's radiant glory; seeing is believing. God, our creator, loyal love we owe you. No gift is greater. Love will let us know you.
Young, poor, and lowly, sign of liberation. Humble and holy, heaven's inspiration. God.
God, grant we ponder heaven's bright reflection. Guide us to glory, Jesus' Resurrection. God.
(American #303)

Praise We the Lord This Day:

Praise we the Lord this day, This day so long foretold, Whose promise shone with cheering ray On waiting saints of old.
The prophet gave the sign For faithful folk to read; A virgin, born of David's line, Shall bear the promised Seed.
Ask not how this should be, But worship and adore Like her whom God's own majesty Came down to shadow o'er.
She meekly bowed her head To hear the gracious word, Mary', the pure and lowly maid, The favored of the Lord.
Blessed shall be her name In all the Church on earth Through whom that wondrous mercy came, The incarnate Savior's birth.
O Christ, the Virgin's Son, We praise you and adore, You are with God the Father One And Spirit evermore.
(Worship III #696)

Queen, When the Earth was First Hurled into Space:

Queen, when the earth was first hurled into space; Queen when the stars were first sped on their race; Virgin all lovely, exalted on high, Gate of the city of God in the sky.
Queen, who was destined to bear as a Son, Him by Whose will all the planets are spun; You were the loveliest work of His hands, Passing in beauty the seas and the lands.
Queen, when your only Son hung on the tree, Steeped in the purple of blood royalty; Sharing the suff' rings of His Passion then, Queen you became of all suffering men.
Queen, when the morning stars burst into song; Queen, when the sons of God shouted along; Hear us, your sons, as we joyfully sing Praises of heaven, its Queen and its King.
(N.Basil #147)

Remember, Holy Mary:

Remember, holy Mary, As mother of us all, To ever show your caring And listen to our call. Lady Wisdom, always help us, In troubles great and small, For you are God's own mother Be our helper lest we fall.

Be pleased O Virgin Mary, To give your Son to us, To help us as we journey, Come back to God with trust. For from his cross Christ told us, His sister and his brother, In words to his disciple, "My Son, here is your mother."

Be pleased, O Virgin Mary, Sent from our God above, To be for us a symbol, Of God's maternal love. To be for us a refuge, In times when we're distressed, That we may one day come home, And find eternal rest.

(Collegeville # 319)

Salamu Maria/Hail Mary:

Salamu Maria, ee mama, Salamu, salmu Maria;
Hail Mary, oh mother, Hail, hail Mary Mary.
Umeja a neema, ee mama .
Full of grace oh mother Mary, Mary.
Bwana yu nawe: The Lord is with you, umebarikiwas: blessed are you,
Ysu, mzao wako: Jesus your Son, amebarikiwas: is blessed, U mama was Mungu: You are the Mother of God, mtakatifu sane: most holy.
Sisi wakosefu: We are sinners, U mwombezi wetu: You're our intercessor,
Utuombee sasa: Pray for us no, na tunapokufa: and when we die.
(Lead Me #98)

Salve, Mater:

Salve, Mater misericordiae, Mater Dei et Mater veniae, Mater sped et Mater gratiae, Mater plena sanctae laetitiae, O Maria!
Salve, decus humani generic, Salve, Virgo dignior ceteris, Quae virgines omnes trasgrederis, Et altius sedes in superis, O Maria!
Salve, felix Virgo puerpera: Nam qui sedet in Patris dextera, Caelum regens, terram et aethera, Intra tua se clausil viscera, O Maria!
(N.Basil #125)

She Will Show Us the Promised One:

AT Nazareth she heard the voice Of Gabriel to say: "Oh, Mary, you are full of grace, The Lord's with you today!" Ref.: She will show us the Promised One, She will show us the Promised One; Oh, Mother of Jesus, be so kind As to show us the Promised One.
At Bethlehem she bore her son And gave the world a King, Yet poor and humble was that place Where angel hosts did sing. Ref.
At Cana when the wine ran out, He saw her troubled face, And Jesus did a wondrous thing, His kindness filled that place. Ref.
At Golgotha she felt the pain And cross she saw him bear; They took his broken body down; Her arms received him there. Ref.
At Easter when she heard the news, Her heart filled up with joy, With memories of early years When Jesus was a boy. Ref.
In heaven where she reigns as queen, She keeps a mother's heart; She sides with all who struggle here, And takes the sinner's part. Ref.
(PMB #178)

Sing to Mary, Mother Most Merciful: 

Sing to Mary, Mother most merciful, God's true Mother and Mother to us all; Mother joyful we place our trust in you, Mother holy, all grace abides in you, Holy Mary!
Blessed Mother, pure Virgin you remain; He whose presence the world cannot contain, Who in glory governs the earth and sky, Condescended within your womb to lie, Holy Mary!
Of all people sinless are you alone, Intercessor before God's heav'nly throne; Be our comfort when our last breath expires, Lead us homward to join celestial choirs, Holy Mary!
(PMB #183)

Sounds of Joy Have Put to Flight:

Sounds of joy have put to flight All the sadness of the night; Now a maid beyond compare Hears her praises fill the air: Virgo Maria.
Who is she whom angels sing, Making all creation ring? She it is who wins our praise, As on earth our voice we raise: Virgo Maria.
Queen of virgins, Maiden mild, Hear me, take me for your child. Ever my protector be; Bring eternal life to me: Virgo Maria.
Mighty Godhead, Three in One, While eternal ages run, Look to Mary, full of grace, And forgive the human race: Virgo Maria.
(N.Basil #152)

Stainless the Maiden:

Stainless the maiden whom he chose for mother; Nine months she waited, bearing Christ our brother; Think of her gladness when at last she saw him God in a manger, Bethlehem a heaven!
Lantern in darkness, when the sick are sighing, Threshold of brightness comfort for the dying, High she is holding for a world adoring, Hope of the nations, Jesus Christ our brother.
Jesus has conquered; to his side he raised her; Queen of the angels, every saint has praised her. Yet, in her splendor, Mary goes on drawing Sinners and exiles to their promised glory.
Sons, come and daughter, through the ages singing, Praising the Virgin, joys and sorrows bringing. Clothed with the sunshine, Sion's fairest flower, Spouse of the Spirit, be to us a mother.
(Collegeville #333)

Star of Sea and Ocean:

Star of sea and ocean, Gateway to God's haven, Mother of our Maker, Hear our prayer, O Maiden.
Welcoming the Ave, Gabriel's simple greeting, You have borne a Savior Far beyond all dreaming.
Loose the bonds that hold us Bound in sin's own blindness That with eyes now opened God's own light may guide us.
Show yourself our mother; He will hear your pleading Whom your womb has sheltered And whose hand brings healing.
Gentlest of all virgins, That our love be faithful Keep us from all evil, Gentle, strong, and grateful.
Guard us through life's dangers, Never turn and leave us. May our hope find harbor In the calm of Jesus.
Sing to God our Father Through the Son who saves us, Joyful in the Spirit, Everlasting praises.
(Hours #298)

Stella Matutina:

Stella matutina, ave, Maria! Laus tibi et vita, nostra domina! Maria, mater Dei, nost omnes adjuva!
Rosa sine spine, ave, Maria! A Deo electa, nostra domina! Maria, mater Dei, nost omnes adjuva!
Perduc nos ad Christum--ave, Maria!--Filium delectum! Nostra domina, Maria, mater Dei, nos omnes adjuva!
(Summit #386)

The Sovereign God Whose Hands Sustain:

The sovereign God Whose hands sustain The globe of heaven, the earth and main, Adored and praised by each degree, Lies his, O sacred Maid, in thee.
He Whom the sun and moon obey, To Whom all creatures homage pray, The Judge of men and angels' doom Resides within thy virgin womb.
O Mother, blest by grace thou art! Beneath they blameless loving heart Lies thy Creator-God Who planned The world He holds within His hand.
O blest by herald angels' tongue! O'er thee God's Holy Spirit hung And filled thy womb, whence came at birth The Long-Desired of all the earth.
O Mary, mother of all grace, True mercy's mother to our race! Protect us now from Satin's power And own us at life's closing hour.
May age to age for ever sing The Virgin's Son and angels' King, And praise with them as it is meet The Father, Son and Paraclete.
(Summit # 211)

The God Whom Earth and Sea and Sky:

The God whom earth and sea and sky Adore and praise and magnify, Whose might they claim, whose love they tell, In Mary's body comes to dwell.
O Mother blest! the chosen shrine Wherein the architect divine, Whose hand contains the earth and sky, Has come in human form to lie;
Blest in the message Gabriel brought; Blest in the work the Spirit wrought; Most blest, to bring to human birth The long desired of all the earth.
O Lord, the Virgin-born, to you Eternal praise and laud are due, Whom with the Father we adore And Spirit blest for evermore.
(Worship III #405)

The Five Lesser Joys of Mary:

When Mary, immaculate ! tender and mild, Could find but a manger as crib for her Child Her pure heart rejoiced in the Infant so fair, Protected by Joseph, the holy one, near.
When Mary saw Jesus, her baby, asleep, His pillow, the straw in a stable for sheep, Her sorrow was great when, behold from the sky, Bright choirs of God's angels brought joy from on high.
When Mary thought sadly that Christ, the great King, Had none but poor shepherds their homage to bring, Then kings from the Orient came to adore, And Mary, His mother, was joyful once more.
When Mary lost Jesus and sought in despair, She looked in the temple and lo, He was there. The heart of the mother was filled with great joy To find midst the doctors her well beloved Boy.
When Mary saw Jesus on Calvary's hill, The crucified Victim, obeying God's will, A sword pierced her heart, yet she knew, though she wept, That Christ, our Redeemer, was God's promise kept.
(N.Basil #138)

The Gladness of Thy Motherhood:

The gladness of thy motherhood, The anguish of thy suffering, The glory now that crowns thy brow, O Virgin-Mother we would sing.
Hail, blessed mother, full of joy In thy consent, thy visit too; Joy in birth of Christ on earth, Joy in Him lost and found anew.
Hail, sorrowing in His agony--the blows, the thorns that pierced His brow The heavy wood, the shameful Rood--True queen and chief of martyrs thou!
Hail in the triumph of thy Son, The quickening flames of Pentecost; Shining a queen in light sere, When all the world is tempest-tossed.
O come, you nations roses bring Culled from these Mysteries all divine, And for the mother of your King With loving hearts your chaplets twine.
We lay our homage at Thy feet, Lord Jesu, Thou the virgin's Son, With Father and with Paraclete Reigning while endless ages run.
(Summit #371)

Thou That Art so Fair and Bright:

Thou that art so fair and bright, Velut maris stella, Brighter than the day is light, Parens et puella, I cry to thee, look thou on me, Lady, pray thy Son for me, Tampia, So that I might come to thee, Maria.
All this world was so forlorn, Eva peccatrice, Till our Lord was in it born, De te genetrice; With Ave, sorrow went away, Darkest night to brightest day, Salutis, From thee came the saving ray, Virtutis.
Lady, flow'r of every thing, Rosa sine spine, Gave us Jesus, heaven's King, Gratia divine; of everyone thou beer 'st the prize, Lady, Queen of Paradise, Electa, Maiden mild and Mother wise, Es effecta.
(N.Basil #139)

To You Do We Come Seeking Mercy:

To you do we come seeking mercy, O Mother of Christ our god.Do not turn away not despise our prayer, but be pleased to hear this plea. Entreat your Son our God to save our souls.
(Summit #216)

Under Your Protection, O Mother of God:

Under your protection, O Mother of God, we celebrate your feast with splendor today. Gazing at your most pure icon we humbly pray: Cover us with your sacred veil and deliver us from all evil, beseeching your Son our God to save our souls!
(Summit #224)

Virgin Great and Glorious:

Virgin great and glorious, Bearing God's own Son for us, Far above all things of earth Shine your purity and worth. Ave, Mater Domini! Filium laudemus Dei! or Hail, O Mother of the Lord! Let us praise the Son of God!
How can human voices raise Honor worthy of your praise? Through your Son, O maiden queen, We are given gifts supreme.
God has graced you evermore Through His Son, Whom hosts adore; God Himself has shown the way, Therefore we due homage pay.
Blessed Virgin, full of grace, Noblest of the human race, Far above angelic state--None more fair did God create.
(Summit #220)

Virgin-Born, We Bow Before You:

Virgin-born, we bow before you: Blessed was the womb that bore you; Mary, Mother meek and mild, Blessed was she in her Child. Blessed was the breast that fed you; Blessed was the hand that led you; Blessed was the other's eye Watching o'er your infancy.
Blessed she by all creation, Who brought forth the world's salvation. Blessed they who ever blest, Love you most and serve you best. Virgin-born, we bow before you; Blessed was the womb that bore you; Mary, Mother meek and mild, Blessed was she in her Child.
(Worship III #403)

What Mortal Tongue can Sing Your Praise:

What mortal tongue can sing your praise, Dear Mother of the Lord? To angels only it belongs Your glory to record. Who born of man can understand Your soul's majestic grace? Who can your mighty gifts unfold, Or all your honors trace?
O Virgin, say what force was it That from the Father's throne Drew forth His coeternal Son to be your very own. Not only your unbounded faith Has raised you over all; Not your devoted love alone Could earn you heaven's call.
Instead, it was your lowliness, Well pleasing to the Lord, That made you worthy to become The Mother of the Word. Praise to the Father with the Son And Holy Ghost, through Whom The Word eternal was conceived Within the Virgin's womb.
(N.Basil #158)

When Mary Brought Her Treasure:

When Mary brought her Treasure Unto the Holy Place, No eye or man could measure The joy upon her face. He was but six weeks old, Her plaything and her pleasure, Her silver and her gold.
Then Simeon on Him gazing With wonder and with love, His aged voice upraising, Gave thanks to God above; Now welcome, sweet release! For I, my Savior praising May die at last in peace.
And she, all sorrow scorning, Rejoiced in Jeus' fame; The Child her arms adorning Shone softly like a flame That burns the whole night through, And keeps from dusk till morning Its vigil clear and true.
As by the sun in splendor The flags of night are furled, So darkness shall surrender To Christ Who lights the world; To Christ the star of day, Who once was small and tender, A candle's gentle ray.
(Summit #286)

Who is She Ascends so High:

Who is she ascends so high Next the Heavenly King, Round about whom angels fly And her praises sing?
Who is she, adorned with light, Makes the sun her robe, At whose feet the queen of night Lays her changing globe?
To that crown direct shine eye Which her head attires; There thou may'st her name descry Writ in starry fires.
This is she in whose pure womb Heaven's Prince remained; Therefore in no earthly tomb Can she be contained.
Heaven she was, which held that fire Whence the world too light,, And to heaven cloth now aspire Flames with flames t'unite.
She that did so clearly shine When our day begun. See ho bright her beams decline; Now she sits with the Sun.
(Summit #344)

Mary, Woman of the Promise: 

Mary, woman of the promise; Vessel of your people's dreams, Through your open, willing spirit Walters of God's goodness streamed.
Mary, song of holy wisdom, Sung before the world began, Faithful to the word with in, you Carried out GOd's wondrous plan.
Mary, morning star of justice; Mirror of the radiant light, In the shadows of life's journey, Be a beacon for our sight.
Mary, model of compassion; Wounded by your offspring's pain, when our hearts are torn by sorrow, Teach us how to love again.
Mary, woman of the GOspel; Humble home for treasured seed, Help us to be true disciples Bearing fruit in word and deed.



Mary's Diamond Heart

Beloved Raphael and Mary

Mirror of Infinite Beauty

Holy Is His Name

Mary's Joy (Uehlein)

O Holy Mary (Alstott)

There Is Nothing Told (Willcock)

Holy Mary:

Ref.: O holy Dwelling Place of God. O holy Temple of the Word. O holy Mary, holy Mother of God.
O radiant star of heaven, illuminating the night; reflection of the Son out\r source of life and light.
O blest beyond all others, of ev'ry land and race, possessing in your soul the fullness of God's grace.
From heav'n the angel Gabriel announced the ancient plan and humbly you accepted to bear the God-made-man.
With joy beyond all mearsure you cared for God's own son and pondered in your heart the new age now begun.
Exquisite was your sorrow, unequaled was the loss you suffered when your son was raised upon the cross.
All praise and adoration we sing now to your son who reigns in highest heaven and has the vict'ry won.

Owen Alstott

There is Nothing Told:

Ref.: On this day all earth and all paradise join in naming you happy and blessed; Virgin Mary, blessed are you.
There is nothing told about this woman, but that she had once become engaged, and an angel addressed her and said: "You are blessed among all your kind."
There is nothing told about this woman, but that she had brought into the world, in the land of Judea, her; for some shepherds have passed on this tale.
There is nothing told about this woman, but that she had searched for three long days for her child who was busy elsewhere, and her heart then did not understand.
There is nothing told about this woman, but that she at Cana was a guest, and that Jesus changed water to wine, so that all might believe who he was.
There is nothing told about this woman, but that she was standing by the cross when her son stretched his arms out on high, and met death with a thief on each side.
There is nothing told about this woman, but that she was one in prayer with those upon whom tongues of fire did descend, and Spirit baptized them with flame.

Christopher Willcock



Ye Who Claim the Faith of Jesus:

Ye who claim the faith of Jesus, sing the wonders that were done when the love of God the Father over sin the victory won, when he made the Virgin Mary mother of his only Son.
Blessed were the chosen people out of whom the Lord did come; blessed was the land of promise fashioned for his earthly home; but more blessed far the mother, she who bore him in her womb.
Therefore let all faithful people sing the honor of her name; let the church, in her foreshadowed, part in her Thanksgiving claim; what Christ's mother sang in gladness let Christ's people sing the same.
"Magnify, my soul, God's greatness; in my Savior I rejoice; all the ages call me blessed, in his praise I lift my voice; he has cast down all the mighty, and the lowly are his choice."
(Methodist #197)

The First One Ever:

The first one ever, oh, ever to know of the birth of Jesus was the Maid Mary, was Mary the Maid of Galilee, and blessed is she, is she who believes. Oh, blessed is she who believes in the Lord, oh, blessed is she who believes. She was Mary the Maid of Galilee, and blessed is she, is she who believes.
The first one ever, oh, ever to know of Messiah, Jesus, when he said, "I am he," was the Samaritan woman who drew from the well, and blessed is she, is she who perceives. Oh, blessed is she who perceives the Lord, oh, blessed is she who perceives. 'Twas the Samaritan woman who drew from the well, and blessed is she, is she who perceives.
The firs ones ever, oh, ever to know of the rising of Jesus, his glory to be, were Mary, Joanna, and Magdalene, and blessed are they, are they who see. Oh, blessed are they who see the Lord, oh blessed are they who see. They were Mary, Joanna, and Magdalene, and blessed are they, are they who see.
(Methodist #276)

From God the Father, Virgin-Born:

From God the Father, virgin-born To us the only Son came down; By death the font to consecrate, The faithful to regenerate. +5 verses
(Lutheran #83)

Sing of Mary, Pure and Lowly:

Sing of Mary, pure and lowly, maiden mother, wise and mild. Sing of God's own Son most holy, who became her little child. Fairest child of fairest mother, God the Lord who came to earth, Word made flesh our very brother, takes our nature by his birth.
Sing of Jesus, son of Mary, in the home at Nazareth. Toil and labor cannot weary love enduring unto death. Constant was the love he gave her, though it drove him from her side, forth to preach, and heal, and suffer, till on Calvary he died.
Joyful mother, full of gladness in shine arms thy Lord was borne, Mournful mother, full of sadness, all thy heart with pain was torn. Glorious mother, now rewarded with a crown at Jesus' hand, age to age thy name recorded shall be blest in every land.
(Methodist #272)

Virgin-Born, We Bow Before Thee:

Virgin-born, we bow before thee: blessed was the womb that bore thee; Mary, Mother meek and mild, blessed was she in her Child. Blessed was the breast that fed thee; blessed was the hand that led thee; blessed was the parent's eye that watched thy slumbering infancy.
Blessed she by all creation, who brought forth the world's salvation, and blessed they, for ever blest, who love thee most and serve thee best. Virgin-born, we bow before thee; blessed was the womb that bore thee; Mary, Mother meek and mild, blessed was she in her Child.
(Episcopal #258)

The Word Whom Earth and Sea and Sky (2):

The Word whom earth and sea and sky adore and laud and magnify, whose might they show, whose praise they tell in Mary's body deigned to dwell.
To Mary the Archangel came and God's new message did proclaim, "Hail, Mary, you shall bear a son who shall be called the Holy One."
Blest in the message Gabriel brought, blest in the work the Spirit wrought, most blest to bring to human birth the long desired of all the earth.
Lord Jesus, Virgin-born to thee eternal praise and glory be, whom with the father we adore and holy Spirit evermore.
(Episcopal #263 & #264)

Nova, Nova, Ave Fit Ex Eva:

Nova, nova, Ave fit ex Eva.
Gabriel of high degree, he was sent from the Trinity, to Nazareth in Galilee, Nova, nova.
He met a maiden in that place; there he knelt down before her face and said, "Hail Mary, full of grace." Nova, nova.
When the maiden heard his song, she was filled with confusion strong and feared that she had done a wron. Nova, nova.
Said the angel, "Have no fear; by conception without compare the Savior Jesus shall you bear." Nova, nova.
"There are yet but six months gone since Elizabeth conceived John, to be the herald of God's Son." Nova, nova.
Said the maiden, "Verily, I am your servant right truly, the handmaid of the Lord now see." Nova, nova.
(Episcopal #226)

Sing We of the Blessed Mother:

Sing we of the blessed Mother who received the angel's word, and obedient to the summons bore in love the infant Lord; sing we of the joys of Mary at whose breast the child was fed who is Son of God eternal and the everlasting Bread.
Sing we, too, of Mary's sorrows, of the sword that pierced her through, when beneath the cross of Jesus she his weight of suffering knew, looked upon her Son and Savior reigning from the awful tree, saw the price of our redemption paid to set the sinner free.
Sing again the joys of Mary when she saw the risen Lord, and in prayer with Christ's apostles, waited on his promised word; from on high the blazing glory of the Spirit's presence came, heavenly breath of God's own being, manifest in wind and flame.
Sing the chiefest joy of Mary when on earth her work was done, and the Lord of all creation brought her to his heavenly home; where, raised high with saints and angels, in Jerusalem above, she beholds her Son and Savior reigning as the Lord of Love.
(Episcopal #278)

God of Eve and God of Mary:

God of Eve and God of Mary, God of love and mother-earth, thank you for the ones who with us shared their life and gave us birth.
As you came to earth in Jesus, so you come to us today; you are present in the caring that prepares us for life's way.
Thank you for belonging, shelter, bonds of friendship, ties of blood, and for those ho have no children, yet are parents under God.
God of Eve and God of Mary, Christ our brother, human son, Spirit, caring like a mother, take our love and make us one.
(Brethren #492)

Mary Was the Queen of Galilee - Spiritual:

Who was Mary? Who was Mary? Who was Mary? Mary was the queen of Galilee.
Mary rode to Bethlehem, Mary was the queen of Galilee. There she brought forth the Holy Lamb. Mary was the queen of Galilee.
Who was Mary? Who was Mary? Who was Mary? Mary was the queen, Mary saw Him crucified, Mary was the queen of Galilee, When her Lord cried out an' died, Mary was the queen of Galilee.
Oh, she wept an' Martha moaned. Mary was the queen of Galilee. Sky turned purple all a roun', Mary was the queen of Galilee. Who was Mary? Who was Mary? Who was Mary?
Now, after Sunday down at the Tomb, When the stone was rolled away, She didn't find her Lord. Angel came unto her, Telling the good news that Jesus Christ is risen an' will appear again.
Mary, Mary, Oh, Mary. Who was Mary? Who was Mary? Who was Mary? Mary was the queen of Galilee, Galilee, Galilee. Oh, Mary.
(Lawson-Gould Mus. Pub.)



Alleluia. Ave Maria - Byrd

Ave Virgo Gloriosa - Dering

Ave Maris Stella - Grieg

Dostoino Yest - Tchaikovsky

Hymne a la Vierge - Villette

Laudi alla Vergine Maria - Verdi

Like the Dawning - Mayence Hymnal

Salve Regina - Scarlatti

The Confession Stone: Songs of Mary - Fleming:

1. O my boy: Jesus, my first and only son, Rock on my breast, my first and only one, my first and only son. O my Jesus: my first and only one: Born of God and born near his sun, bright boy: my only one: O my Jesus, rest on my breast, my first and only son: O my boy; Jesus: rest: shhh, you need the rest.

2. Don't pay attention to the old men in the temple: they have given up. Tell them what you told me: cast the sinners out, clean the house of God, load the rich wit grief, prepare the poor with hope and, Jesus, don't stop to play with Judas and his friends along the way.

3. Jesus, did you know that Lazarus is back? Jesus, are you list'ning? Laz'rus has come back His grave is still open and Martha tells she heard three angels singing with three birds: their feathers brushed together. Jesus, are you hearing La'rus has returned to Bethany. Jesus, won't you answer? Lazrus has come back and he's calling for you. He says that death was gentle and woke him up early. Jesus are you praying? Lazrus has returned.

4. There's a supper in Jerusalem tonight and I wish that I was there, I'd journey anywhere to be with Jesus: to stroke his hair, Remind Him, O my baby dear, I'd journey anywhere to be with Jesus tonight. There's that supper in Jerusalem tonight and I could be right there. But I don't dare to journey to Jerusalem tonight. O my Jesus, you're eating in Jerusalem tonight and I wish that I was there. O my boy, take care at that supper in Jerusalem tonight.

5. Cold and icy in my bed: laid on the ground of Jerusalem: every flow'r is withered the birds have left their song, the sun wears a twisted eye. I'm alone with your dream of redemption, my Lord Save Him, save our son. I'm his mother: save Him: Let me rock Him again in my trembling arms. Save Him, I'll receive the silver from Judas. Help him. Your word is all my world. I'll receive the silver from Judas' hand and spend it on nothing. Save Him, Jehovah, help Him, my God, Bless him, my Lord, redeem Him, my husband. Oh, save Him save HIM, save Him, save Him, save our boy.

6. Bring me those needles, Martha, I believe I'll knit Jesus a scarf. Go on snapping those butterbeans. What time is it? Let me see now: knit one. You say it's twelve o'clock? Snap enough for Joseph and Lazarus: They'll be here before you're through. Martha, what time is it Purl two, purl one, knit one, purl two. If I had the star of Bethlehem, I'd knit three and light His sky. Where was I, Martha? Oh yes, knit one, purl sev'n. What time is it, Martha? Knit three, purl ten. It can't be near three o'clock. Where was I? Knit, purl twelve, purl, nothing. Martha, don't leave me alone. Where are you Martha, Martha, where are you, Martha? Martha!

7. Everything is black, air, water, sun, moon, all light, dirt is black. Heav'n is in mourning for our Son The earth is dead: it will rise again, Almighty God. No I understand what light is: it is our Son. It is Jesus, no longer trembling in my arms; it is the Christ. O my boy: Jesus, my first and only one. Now on my knees with Joseph at my side, I ask Thee; send the resurrection now. Give the air and water and sun and the moon and the dirt; the light again. Send the presence Almighty God, send it even to evil men. I see Jesus in the clouds, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, free Him from death for life: We must be free to sing: loose the birds for their songs, Bloom the flow'rs for their songs, Light Martha, whose brother came back from death, light Mary Magdalene, light Gethsemane's gardens: Light those walkways with lilies, and heal the wounds of Christ. Let me rise up into your starry sky and love our Son, and praise thee, and praise thee. Ah, comfort me in paradise.

8. O my boy: Jesus, my first and only son, Rock on my breast, my first and only one, my first and only son. O my Jesus: my first and only one: Born of God and born near his sun, bright boy: my only one: O my Jesus, rest on my breast my first and only son: O my boy: Jesus: rest: shhh, you need the rest.
(Leeds Music-Can.)

Vidi Speciosam - de Victoria


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