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Montfort Consecration

Montfort Consecration

Q: Could you please explain "the total consecration to Jesus through Mary according to the norm of Saint Louis Marie de Montfort"?

A: De Montfort invites his followers to do everything "with Mary, in Mary, through Mary, and for Mary." His treatise True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary sets forth a spiritual way for living in full the life of Christ with and through Mary. Its overriding aspect is the apostolic character of Christian life applicable to all states of life. The source of de Montfort's Marian consecration is the Gospel, in particular Jesus' hidden life and thus his dependence on Mary. Mary reared, educated and molded the Head of the body, but not only. She is also the one who molds the members of that body (the Church), us. According to de Montfort, baptism makes us members of Christ's body, and by the same token makes us children of Mary. The act of consecration establishes a firm and lasting filial relation with Mary which needs to be expressed in daily life. However, the important thing is interior disposition or adherence, rather than external Marian practices. This interior disposition is spelled out in the fourfold through, with, in, for Mary. It becomes the soul of all external activity. De Montfort urges the Marian devotee 1) to open him/herself to the Holy Spirit's action through Mary; 2) to develop a familiarity of mind with Mary, that is to be of one mind with Mary, his/her model of life; 3) to be conscious ever more of our existence and being in the maternal love of Mary for us, and 4) to dedicate ourselves in total commitment to service for Mary. This fourfold interior disposition is the soul of all apostolate, that is, for the work of the reign of God.

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