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Marian Movement of Priests, What is the

Marian Movement of Priests

Q: What is the Marian Movement of Priests?

A: According to information disseminated by the Marian Movement of Priests "approximately three hundred cardinals and bishops and more than one hundred thousand priests from various countries in the world are members...many of whom actively participate in the cenacles and spiritual exercises [conducted] worldwide." (The Brief, #24, 1995)

Fr. Gobbi directs the movement. There seems to exist harmonious entender between Church authorities and Fr. Gobbi, as to the nature of the messages received by Fr. Gobbi. Asked to explain the nature and origin of his messages, he stated in 1986 that the latter were not received as in Lourdes or Fatima directly from our Lady, but in the form of interior locutions. There does not seem to be any truth to the affirmation that the messages were the product of Fr. Gobbi's own meditation. The MMP newsletter quoted above states: "If certain competent authorities have stated this, they are merely expressing an opinion, not an official ruling of the Church." (ibid.) The essence of Fr. Gobbi's message is God's and Mary's tenderness for priests. It is an invitation to prayer and to generosity but also to sacrifice and suffering. There are criticisms concerning the abundance and sentimentality of the messages and of their pronounced apocalyptic bend. The imminence of these events have been predicated before. There is, for instance, a message dated July 3, 1987 announcing for that year "the great events which I predicted at Fatima...and Medjugorje." 1987 has come and gone and we have not seen the fulfillment of any of the great events predicted at Fatima or Medjugorje. Recipients of private revelations share in our common human fallibility. Tone, urgency and emotionality of the seer/hearer give the messages a sometimes distinct personal coloring. You have to look behind the words for the deeper meaning of the message. You have to look for the point where it connects with the teachings of the Church. Replace the word "imminence" with the word "urgency." It is urgent for each of us to act now and always to bring about healing, reconciliation and greater unity. This is the meaning of apocalyptic messages. They should hasten--thanks also to our contribution--the manifestation of God's glory in this world and beware not to transform the faithful into a flock of mindlessly scared sheep.

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