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Cooley Howarth

Professor Emeritus


School of Law


Email: Cooley Howarth
Phone: 937-229-2841


Cooley Howarth taught at the School of Law since his graduation from the University of Denver College of Law in 1976. While at UDSL, Professor Howarth has taught in many areas, including Legislation and Statutory Interpretation, Family and Juvenile Law, Environmental Law, State and Local Government Law, the Law Clinic, and Legal Research & Writing/Appellate Advocacy. But his principle teaching and scholarly work has been in Administrative Law, the area of law governing the conduct of the administrative agencies of the federal, state, and local governments.

Having served as the managing editor of the American Bar Association’s Administrative Law Review as a second- and third-year law student, Professor Howarth's interest in Administrative Law has found many outlets during his time at UDSL. He founded and supervised the law school’s National Administrative Law Moot Court Competition, which annually brought to Dayton many nationally recognized administrative law scholars and experts. His own research at UDSL has focused primarily upon Administrative Law, and he is a regular participant and contributor to the Administrative Law Discussion Forum, a biennial national gathering of authors and experts in the field. Professor Howarth has also served as a consultant on administrative procedures and processes to the governments of the former soviet republics of Ukraine and Georgia.

Professor Howarth has also served the law school as director of its Legal Research and Writing Program (1976-1979), founder of the school's CAP CAN (Child Advocacy Program Child Abuse and Neglect) project (1978-81) and advisor to the Law Review (1994-2002). He is also the former director of the LL.M./M.S.L. graduate law programs in Intellectual Property and Technology Law. But for Professor Howarth "all that other stuff can't hold a candle to being in a classroom with these students. That's what makes this job so rewarding…and so much fun!"

Professor Howarth retired from the University of Dayton School of Law in April 2013.


J.D., University of Denver, 1976
B.A., with high honors, Michigan State University, 1971

Areas of Law

Administrative Law
Family Law

Selected Publications

Restoring the Applicability of the APA’s Adjudicatory Procedures, 56 Admin. L. Rev. 1043 (2004)

United States v. Mead Corp.: More Pieces for the Chevron/Skidmore Deference Puzzle, 54 Administrative Law Review 699 (2002)

Teaching Administrative Law: Can ‘Less’ be ‘More’? 38 Brandeis Law Journal 365 (2000)

Interstate Family Support: Ohio's Version of UIFSA, 10 Ohio Dom. Rel. Journal 49 (1998)

United States Administrative Law: An Overview [Ukrainian & English] (with H. Fenton, U.S. AID Pubs. 1996)

Federal Licensing and the APA: When Must Formal Adjudicative Procedures Be Used? 37 Administrative Law Review 317 (1985)

Informal Agency Rulemaking & the Courts: A Theory for Procedural Review, 61 Washington Law Quarterly 891 (1984)

Cases & Materials on Child Abuse & Neglect: an Interdisciplinary Approach, Teaching Materials (1980)

Ohio Environmental Council v. EPA: Revising State Clean Air Act Plans Through Administrative Enforcement Orders, 1980 Det. C. Law Review 264 (1980)

Handbook on Citation in Legal Memoranda & Appellate Briefs (1979)