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Carson L. Running

Assistant Professor

Full-Time Faculty

School of Engineering: Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Email: Carson Running
Phone: 937-229-5305
Kettering Laboratories Room 365 E


Professor Running works to motivate students inside and outside of the classroom to make a positive difference in the world. Prof. Running's technical scholarship is focused on hypersonic aerodynamics and aerothermodynamics with complementary interests in novel experimental surface-measurement techniques and facility design. These research endeavours seek to deliver answers to fundamental questions facing the hypersonic community and will lead to increased national security, space exploration and a revolutionized commercial-flight industry providing flights from LA to Tokyo in under 2 hours. Prof. Running is also active in pedagogical educational research, where he investigates predictive learning analytics and dynamic driven admissions criteria to better serve underprepared and underserved students.

Selected Publications

  • Running, C. L., Juliano, T. J., Borg, M. P., & Kimmel, R. L. (2020). Characterization of post-shock thermal striations on a cone/flare. AIAA Journal, 58(5), 2352-2358. doi:10.2514/1.J059095
  • Running, C. L., Juliano, T. J., Jewell, J. S., Borg, M. P., & Kimmel, R. L. (2020). Hypersonic shock-wave/boundary-layer interactions on a cone/flare. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 109(109911), 19. doi:10.1016/j.expthermflusci.2019.109911
  • Running, C. L., Sakaue, H., and Juliano, T. J., Hypersonic boundary-layer separation detection with pressure-sensitive paint for a cone at high angle of attack Experiments in Fluids, Vol. 60, No. 23, 2019, pp. 1--13. doi:10.1007/s00348-018-2665-2


  • B.S. (2015), M.S. (2019), Ph.D. (2020), Aerospace Engineering, University of Notre Dame

Courses Taught

  • Fluid Mechanics (MEE 308)

Research Interests

  • Shock-wave/boundary-layer interactions
  • Boundary-layer transition and instability mechanisms
  • Boundary-layer separation and reattachment
  • Global surface pressure and temperature measurement techniques
  • Hypersonic facility design and characterization
  • Learning sciences and analytics
  • Teaching pedagogy