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Philip Appiah-Kubi

Associate Professor

Staff, Joint Appointment, Full-Time Faculty

School of Business Administration: Crotty Center; School of Engineering: Department of Engineering Management, Systems, and Technology


Email: Philip Appiah-Kubi
Phone: 937-229-1758
Kettering Laboratories Room 321 C


Dr. Philip Appiah-Kubi graduated from Ohio University with a doctorate in industrial and system engineering in 2015 and is currently a faculty member at the Department of Engineering Management, Systems and Technology. He has diverse engineering background, with a master’s degree in aviation systems and flight testing and a graduate diploma in engineering management, both from the University of Tennessee. Dr. Appiah-Kubi received his bachelor’s degree in geomatics engineering from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana. Before going to graduate school, Dr. Appiah-Kubi worked in the construction industry for five years. His research areas are in resource allocation, data analytics, supply chain management and engineering pedagogy.


  • Ph.D., Industrial and Systems Engineering, Ohio University
  • M.S., Aeronautics and Aerospace Science (Aviation Systems and Flight Testing), University of Tennessee
  • Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management, University of Tennessee
  • B.S., Geomatics Engineering, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana

Journal Publications

  • Appiah-Kubi, P., & Annan, E. (2020). A review of a collaborative online international learning. International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy, 10, 109. doi:10.3991/ijep.v10i1.11678  
  • Gnacek, M., Doran, E., Bommer, S., & Appiah-Kubi, P. (2020). The effectiveness of Smart Compose: An artificial intelligent system. Journal of Management and Engineering Integration.
  • Appiah-Kubi, P., & Briony C. (2019). Effects of service projects on the perceived skills of engineering technology students. International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering; University Park, 14, 21-31. doi:10.24908/ijsle. v14i1.12660
  • Appiah-Kubi, P., Johnson, M., & Trappe, E. (2019). Service learning in engineering technology: Do students have preferences on project types? Journal of Engineering Technology; Washington, 36(1), 32-41.
  • LaDuca, B., Ausdenmoore, A., Hallinan, P. K., Crecelius, A., Katz-Buonconintro, J., Bennett, J., Arnold, J., Bowman, C., Sweet, C., Hayford, M., Yorke, J., Blust, R., & Appiah-Kubi, P. (2019). A transdisciplinary collaboration and innovation education model and experience. Research in Higher Education Journal, 37.
  • Appiah-Kubi, P. (2018). Multivariate analysis of student’s perception on teaching with client based and non-client-based team projects. International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy, 8(93). doi: 10.3991/ijep.v8i3.8498
  • Süer, A. G., Sarkar, A., Arinsoy, A., Appiah Kubi, P., Plis, K., & Altun, M. (2012). Evaluation of feedback among multiple scheduler profiles in fuzzy genetic scheduling. Procedia Computer Science, 12, 129-134, ISSN 1877-0509.

Conference Publications

  • Appiah-Kubi, P., & Nichwitch, P. (2020). Student’s perception of collaborative online international learning. Proceedings of the 2020 ASEE Annual Conference, June 21-24, Montreal, Canada
  • Almobayedh, H., Eustace, D., & Appiah-Kubi, P. (2019). Simulation of the impact of connected and automated vehicles at a signalized intersection. Road Safety & Simulation International Conference, Iowa City, Iowa.
  • Appiah-Kubi, P. (2016). Evaluation of teaching effectiveness through cheat sheet data mining. Proceedings of the 2016 ASEE Annual Conference. June 18-19, New Orleans, LA.
  • Appiah-Kubi, P. (2016). Enhancing students learning and assessment through positive reinforcement. Proceedings of the 2016 ASEE North Central Section Conference, March 18-19, Central Michigan University.
  • Girish, U., Atuahene, I., Rapider, S., & Appiah-Kubi, P. (2016). Improving the hospital discharge process using lean approach. Proceedings of the 2016 Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference, H. Yang, Z. Kong, & M. D. Sarder, eds., May 21 – 24, Anaheim, CA.
  • Atuahene, I., Sawhney, R., Appiah-Kubi, P., & Acosta-Amado, R. (2014). Low cost standalone display system for obtaining real-time specific excess power contour plots in-flight. The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Aerospace Systems Conference, January 22-25, Los Angeles, CA.
  • Appiah-Kubi, P. Namkyu, P., & Atuahene, I. (2014). The Mahalanobis distance approach to minimization of kidney discard rate. Proceedings of the 2014 Industrial and Systems Engineering Conference, May 31-June 2, Montreal, Canada.
  • Williams, V. S., Appiah-Kubi, P., Atuahene, I. & Namkyu, P. (2014). Systems analysis and remanufacturing: Testing of automotive electronics. Proceedings of the 2014 Technology Innovation and Industrial Management Conference, Seoul, South Korea.
  • Appiah-Kubi, P., Martos, B., Atuahene, I., & Williams, V. S. (2013). U.S. inflight icing accidents and incidents, 2006 to 2010. Krishnamurthy A, and Chan W. K. V, editors. Proceedings of the 2013 Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference (Applied Solutions Session), May 18-22, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  • Williams, V. S., Muratore, F. J., Appiah-Kubi, P., & Atuahene, I. (2013). Automating real – time fault detection for UTSI airborne science applications. Proceedings of the 2013 Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference, Krishnamurthy A, & and Chan W. K. V., (eds.), 4096-4101, May 18-22, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  • Atuahene, I., Acosta-Amado, S., & Appiah-Kubi, P. (2013). Analysis and forecasting of international flights arriving In the United States. Proceedings of the 2013 Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference, Krishnamurthy A, & and Chan W. K. V., (eds.), 3570-3578, May 18-22, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Other Archival Publications

  • Appiah-Kubi, P. (2020). Enhancing global consciousness on college campuses and beyond: Editor: Amin, Julius A., Proceedings of the 2020 Global Voices Symposium, Amin, J. A., (ed.), 12, University of Dayton campus, Dayton, OH.
  • Appiah-Kubi, P. (2019). A native’s flashback into the University of Dayton Global Education Seminar. Myth and Reality: Reflections on Our Travels through West Africa, chapter 2. .

Courses Taught

  • IET 316 – Quantitative Analysis
  • IET 322 – Data Analytics
  • IET 323 – Project Management
  • IET 415 - Global Supply Chain Management
  • IET 420 – Industrial and Environmental Safety
  • IET 490 – Senior Project
  • ENM 500 – Probability and Statistics
  • ENM 539 – Project Management

Professional Activities

  • Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE), member (Treasurer of Dayton-Cincinnati professional chapter)
  • American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), member
  • National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), member
  • Project Management Institute (PMI), member