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Beverly Jenkins

Director of Student Enrichment and Academic Outcomes


Enrollment Management: Recruitment and Admission


Albert Emanuel Hall

Recruitment and Admission Focus Areas  

  •  Student Success for Flyer Promise Scholars Program


Beverly Jenkins is the Director of Student Enrichment and Academic Outcomes at the University of Dayton. She is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated, a Marianist Service Award recipient, co-leads a new program on campus called Flyer Promise, and is a mother, wife, and overall, a phenomenal woman. In her 38 years at UD, she has made it her personal mission to support the academic experience of all students.

Beverly was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. During her childhood, education was looked at as a key to help her open doors to opportunities and success. At the center of her future plans, her parents emphasized the importance of education. Growing up, Beverly’s family encouraged her and her siblings to hold education at a high priority. Her high school was overcrowded and undefended, so she was lucky to have experienced Upward Bound, a federally funded education program that works to provide support to students during college entrance. Joining Upward Bound changed her life completely. Jenkins took summer trips to Earlham College in Indiana and got her first taste of the college experience. Throughout her entire process, Beverly was encouraged to reach her full potential by keeping her head in her books and working hard. What she didn’t know was how much the support she received during high school would impact her future aspirations.

Initially, Beverly wanted to be a teacher. She found joy in being a resource and role model to children. In 1982, Beverly accepted a position at UD. In this position, she would end up being one of the first faces students would see after deciding to attend the institution. Though the position was a deviation from her original plan of teaching, Beverly found herself enjoying the position and decided to permanently remain at UD.

As the University evolved, so did Beverly’s role, but her passion never wavered. Connecting with students and their families while ensuring they took advantage of the resources that UD provided remained the focus of her career. Jenkins has  been committed to providing the same kind of support that was given to her and her family as a college student.

Even now as she reflects on her time at UD, she can’t begin to imagine what life would be like as a retiree. “I don’t look at my career as a job because I love what I do.” It’s evident that her position at UD has brought long lasting relationships in her life. The recognition of her accomplishments, and accolades humbles Beverly but the relationships that she’s built with students over the past 38 years have ignited a fire that will never dim. Needless to say, Beverly Jenkins’ personal experience pre-college has given her the tools to reach thousands of students and create long lasting relationships that have altered so many lives for the better. The impact that she’s had on this campus is undeniable and there’s no sign of that changing anytime soon.