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Mark A. Jacobs

Professor & Chairperson, Department of MIS, OSC and Business Analytics

Full-Time Faculty

School of Business Administration: MIS, OSC and Business Analytics, Online MBA


Email: Mark A. Jacobs
Phone: 937-229-2938
Anderson Center Room 140
Curriculum Vitae: Read CV

Courses Taught

  • DSC 211 - Statistics for Business II
  • OPS 301 - Survey of Operations & Supply Management
  • OPS 480 - Supply Chain Management Strategies
  • OPS 481 - Principles of Procurement
  • OPS 485 - Capstone Operations & Supply Management Project I
  • OPS 495 - Capstone Operations & Supply Management Project II
  • MBA 613A - Technology & Innovation in Silicon Valley
  • MBA 619 - Supply Chain Analytics
  • MBA 656 - International Culture & Management
  • MBA 793 - Operational Effectiveness


  • Michigan State University, PhD (Operations and Sourcing Management), 2008
  • University of Minnesota, MBA (Supply Chain Management/Entrepreneurship/Finance), 2003
  • California Polytechnic State University, BS (Industrial Engineering), 1988

Professional Activities

  • Associate Editor, Journal of Operations Management
  • Decision Sciences Institute
  • Institute of Industrial Engineers
  • Academy of Management
  • Production and Operations Management Society
  • The Executive Committee

Research Interests

  • The interface between operations management and product development. In particular, the impacts of design strategies such as modular architectures, implications of strategic portfolio configurations and measures of product and portfolio complexity.
  • Success factors for closely held corporations such as how they can compete effectively, mitigate risk in their supply chains, develop key performance indicators to better manage the business and effectively transition from one leadership team to the next.

Selected Publications

  • Yu, W., Jacobs, M., Salisbury, W., Enns, H. The Effects of Supply Chain Integration on Customer Satisfaction and Financial Performance. To appear in International Journal of Production Economics.
  • Droge, C., Jacobs, M., Vickery, S. (2012). An Empirical Study: Does Supply Chain Integration Mediate the Relationship Between Product/Process Strategy and Service Performance? International Journal of Production Economics, 137(2), 250-262.
  • Jacobs, M., Swink, M. (2011). Product Portfolio Architectural Complexity and Operational Performance: Incorporating the Roles of Learning and Fixed Assets. Journal of Operations Management29(8), 677-691.
  • Jacobs, M., Droge, C., Vickery, S., Calantone, R. (2011). The Effect of Product and Process Modularity on Agility and Firm Growth Performance. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 28(1), 124-138.
  • Jacobs, M. (2009) Volume and Cost Implications of Product Portfolio Complexity. Saarbrucken, VDM Verlag., 152 pgs.
  • Closs, D., Jacobs, M., Swink, M., Webb, G. S. (2008). Toward a Theory of Competencies for the Management of Product Complexity: Six Case Studies. Journal of Operations Management, 26(5), 590-610.
  • Jacobs, M., Vickery, S., Droge, C. (2007). The Effects of Product Modularity on Competitive Performance: Do Integration Strategies Mediate the Relationship? International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 27(10), 1046-1068.
  • Jacobs, M. (2007). Product Complexity: A Definition and Impacts on Organizations. Decision Line, 38(5).