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Zachary Piso

Assistant Professor; Sustainability Scholar, Hanley Sustainability Institute

Full-Time Faculty

College of Arts and Sciences: Philosophy


Email: Zachary Piso
Phone: 937-229-2933
Website: Visit Site
HM 407


Dr. Zachary Piso is Assistant Professor of Philosophy and a Sustainability Scholar through the Hanley Sustainability Institute. His work explores the social and ethical values at stake in environmental science, especially in interdisciplinary environmental research that draws on the social sciences in explanations of environmental change and resilience.

Recently he is exploring ethical and epistemic questions arising in food systems research, including an ongoing study of ecological citizenship and environmental governance in Rust Belt urban agriculture. These public philosophical engagements emphasize stakeholder engagement and participatory methodologies that tie together interests in environmental philosophy, philosophy of science, and American pragmatism.


  • Ph.D., Michigan State University

Courses Taught

  • PHL103: Intro to Philosophy
  • PHL321: Environmental Ethics
  • SEE401: Sustainability Research I
  • SEE402: Sustainability Research II

Research Interests

  • Environmental philosophy
  • Values in science
  • Interdisciplinarity
  • American Pragmatism

Selected Publications

Valles, S., Piso, Z., and O’Rourke, M. (2019). "Coupled ethical-epistemic analysis as a tool for environmental science." Ethics, Policy, & the Environment 22(3): 267-286.

Piso, Z., Goralnik, L., Libarkin, J. and Lopez, M. C. (2019). "Types of urban agricultural stakeholders and their understandings of governance." Ecology & Society 24(2): 18.

R. Streiffer, Piso, Z., Remley, D., Sweeney, G., and Forcone, T. (2018). "An expanded understanding of the ethical importance of civic engagement in food sourcing decisions at the institutional level." Public Philosophy Journal 1(1). DOI: 10.25335/M5/PPJ.1.1-6

Piso, Z., O’Rourke, M., and Weathers, K. C. (2016). "Out of the fog: Catalyzing integrative capacity in interdisciplinary research." Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science, 56: 84-94. DOI: 10.1016/j.shpsa.2016.01.002

Piso, Z., Werkheiser, I., Noll, S., and Leshko, C. (2016). "Sustainability of what? Recognizing the diverse values that sustainable agriculture works to sustain." Environmental Values, 25 (2): 195-214.

Piso, Z. (2015). "Integration, language, and practice: Wittgenstein and interdisciplinary communication." Issues in Interdisciplinary Studies, 33: 14-38.