Wiebke Diestelkamp

Contact Information

Wiebke Diestelkamp


  • Full-Time Faculty


Dr. Diestelkamp was born in Germany and received her undergraduate degree in mathematics from the Georg-August Universität Göttingen and attended graduate school at the Universität Ulm. After moving to the United States, she received M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in mathematics from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. Dr. Diestelkamp joined the faculty of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Dayton in 1998.

Faculty Perspective

I enjoy teaching mathematics tremendously, and I love the variety of classes I am teaching here at UD. The classes range from calculus to undergraduate classes in probability/statistics for math majors, statistics for engineers and statistics for non-science majors. I have also taught all our graduate courses in statistics, and I have developed a graduate course in time series for our Master in Financial Mathematics program. I like to try different things in my classes - such as the use of technology, group projects etc.

I have been involved in organizing the department's annual Math Events, which are geared towards students interested in and excited about mathematics. Math Events have been held every fall since 2002. In 2002 and 2004, we held Conversations among Women in Mathematics. In the odd-numbered years, we organize Undergraduate Mathematics Day, an undergraduate student conference celebrating all aspects of mathematics.


  • Ph.D., University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, 1998

Research Interests

  • Experimental design (in particular, orthogonal arrays)
  • Combinatorics
  • Graph Theory

Selected Publications

1) Wiebke S. Diestelkamp. "The decomposability of simple orthogonal arrays on 3 symbols having t+1 rows and strength t," Journal of Combinatorial Designs, Vol. 8 (2000), 442-458.

2) Wiebke S. Diestelkamp and Jay H. Beder. "On the decomposition of orthogonal arrays," Utilitas Mathematica, Vol. 61 (2002), 65-86.

3) Wiebke S. Diestelkamp. "Parameter inequalities for orthogonal arrays with mixed levels." Designs, Codes and Cryptography, Vol. 33 (2004), 187-197.

4) Wiebke S. Diestelkamp, Stephen G. Hartke and Rachael H. Kenney. "On the degree of local permutation polynomials," Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing, Vol. 50 (2004), 129-140.

5) Atif Abueida, Wiebke S. Diestelkamp, Stephanie P. Edwards and Darren B. Parker. "Determining properties of a multipartite tournament from its lattice of convex subsets." Australasian Journal of Combinatorics, Vol. 31 (2005), 217-230.