Donald Pair

Contact Information

Donald Pair

Professor; Acting Head, Hanley Sustainability Institute; Associate Dean for Interdisciplinary Research and Experiential Initiatives

  • Full-Time Faculty


Don Pair joined the Geology department in 1991. He teaches courses in environmental geology/policy, surface processes, field geology through the Colorado Field Camp, and helped develop the Dynamic Earth, the earth systems science course which is part of the Integrated Natural Science Sequence for B.A. students. He is currently the Acting Head of the Hanley Sustainability Institute and the Associate Dean for Interdisciplinary Research and Experiential Initiatives for the College of Arts and Sciences.

Faculty Perspective

My approach to undergraduate education involves integrating aspects of the research experience with the classroom. My research interests in glacial geology, geomorphology, and environmental policy have allowed me to take undergraduate researchers to locations such as the Adirondack Mountains and Finger Lakes of New York State, the glaciers of Iceland and the Canadian Rockies, and the rich glacial landscape of the mid-continent. My students have worked on projects ranging from surficial mapping, paleolandlside investigations, glacial landform process studies, to risk assessment studies.


  • Ph.D., Syracuse University

Selected Publications

Pair, D.L., and Kappel, W.M. 2002. "Geomorphic studies of landslides in the Tully Valley, New York: Implications for Public Policy and Planning," Geomorphology, v. 47, p. 125-135.

Oberhaus, M., and Pair, D.L. 2001. "The adoption of the Holes Creek watershed: Building a partnership that promotes geoscience education." Geological Society of America, Abstracts with Programs, v. 33, p. 241.

Schoenenberger, K.R., Pair, D.L., and Lowell, T.V. 1999. "Web-based investigations of Icelandic glacial foreplains for students in introductory Earth Science labs," Geological Society of America, Abstracts with Programs, v. 31, p. 70.

Pair, D.L., and Pennock, N. 1999. "The Making of an Aquifer - One of the Miami Valley's Most Important Resources," Science Educators Conference of Ohio (SECO), February, 1999, Dayton OH.

Pair, D.L. 1997. "The Film, Channelized Drainage, or Sheetfloods beneath a portion the Laurentide Ice Sheet: An examination of glacial erosion forms," Northern New York State, USA, in Piotrowski, J.A. ed., Subglacial Processes, Sediments, and Landforms. Sedimentary Geology (Special Issue), v. 111, p. 199-215.