Daniel Goldman

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Daniel Goldman

Professor; Chair of the Department of Geology

  • Full-Time Faculty


Dr. Goldman received his Ph.D. from the University of Buffalo in 1993 where he studied paleontology and biostratigraphy. He joined UD's Geology Department in 1997 after completing post-doctoral research appointments at Buffalo and the Ohio State University. Dr. Goldman is the chair of the department. He has taught a variety of courses including paleontology, sedimentology, environmental geology, environmental instrumentation laboratory, and the Dynamic Earth. He is also an active researcher interested in biodiversity dynamics and examining evolutionary trends in the fossil record.

Faculty Perspective

The incredible beauty of the natural world has always captivated me. As a student I became interested in geology and realized that in addition to their aesthetic quality, rocks and fossils contained a complex and fascinating story about the history of our planet. John Wesley Powell wrote of the Grand Canyon region in 1870, "the thought grew to my mind that the canyons of this region would be a Book of Revelations in the rock leaved Bible of geology. The thought fructified and I determined to read the book."

Unraveling the history of Earth and life requires learning to read the language of geology. This is a difficult but tremendously rewarding task. Learning and teaching geology has taken me to some of the most beautiful places on Earth and face to face with some of science's most fundamental questions. My career as a paleontologist has given me a great appreciation for the grandeur of nature, and it has allowed me to share this appreciation with our students.


  • Ph.D. State University of New York at Buffalo

Research Interests

  • Invertebrate Paleobioloy
  • Evolution
  • Biodiversity
  • Colonial Organisms
  • Biostratigraphy
  • Sedimentary Basin Analysis

Selected Publications

Goldman D., Rahl, J.A., and Campbell, S.M. 2002. "Three-dimensionally preserved specimens of Amplexograptus (Ordovician, Graptolithina) from the North American Midcontinent: taxonomic and biostratigraphic significance." Journal of Paleontology 76(5): 917-923.

Goldman D., Mitchell, C.E., and Joy M.A. 1999. "The stratigraphic distribution of graptolites in the classic upper Middle Ordovician Utica Shale of New York: an evolutionary succession or a response to sea-level change" Paleobiology 25(3): 273-294.

Goldman, D. and Bergström, S.M. 1997. "Biostratigraphy, biofacies, and taxonomy of Upper Ordovician graptolites from the North American Midcontinent." Palaeontology 40: 965-1010.

Goldman D. 1995. "Taxonomy, evolution, and biostratigraphy of the Orthograptus quadrimucronatus species group (Graptolithina)." Journal of Paleontology 69(3): 516-540.