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Educational Travel

Learning on the Road

What could be more enjoyable than combining an educational experience with travel to some of the world's most beautiful, romantic, and historic sites? Add the personal touch that experienced, knowledgeable, and bilingual UD faculty lend and it becomes a cultural feast for the eyes, ears, and palate. It's no wonder past participants eagerly go back for seconds, thirds, and more!

Programs abroad designed for adults have been sponsored by the University of Dayton since 1983 when two faculty from the Departments of Foreign Languages and Music collaborated to design and host a trip to Vienna. That program continues with one of the original hosts, German Professor Edward Hatch, and is now known as Encore Vienna. In 2001 Professor Andria Chiodo (Languages) and Dr. Eric Street (Music) used Encore Vienna as a model to create Encore Italy, which they have since offered three additional times. Dr. Francisco Peñas-Bermejo (Languages) has also offered a similar program called Experience Spain.

Our programs abroad are an extension of the vast learning opportunities the University offers adult learners through its Continuing Education programs. Learning about foreign cultures is just one of these opportunities, and there is no substitute for traveling with UD faculty, many of whom have lived and worked abroad and have academic expertise pertinent to the sites. Small groups provide participants and program hosts the opportunity for a shared learning experience. In addition, the programs provide participants ample time to explore their individual interests and to immerse themselves in the local atmosphere.


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