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Flyer Angels

What Does it Take to Fund a Startup?

While several universities allow their students to manage a modest portion of their endowment with investments in the stock market, the University of Dayton goes beyond that to permit students to invest in private equity. Flyer Angels is a seven-figure private equity fund led and managed by students. Its mission is to create experiential learning opportunities for students, enabling them to learn how to “sit across the table” from entrepreneurs. Selection to Flyer Angels is competitive, and incoming students are selected by graduating students after application and interview. Not only do students analyze deal flow and conduct due diligence, they also make decisions to invest in the portfolio companies directly. Flyer Angels invests in nascent (typically pre-revenue) ventures, considered to be knowledge-intensive/high tech, and either based in Ohio or otherwise has a connection to UD (e.g. alumni). They may invest in either seed rounds, “A” rounds, or may also make follow-on investments.

Flyer Angels was started after a generous contribution by UD alumnus Ron McDaniel. 


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