Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Our SBA strategic plan is the result of a collaborative process involving faculty, staff, alumni, our Business Advisory Council, and other key stakeholders. It guides us in our decision-making and helps us set our priorities. We invite you to explore elements of the plan below, which was approved by a vote among faculty and staff on August 28, 2015.

Strategic Intent 1 – Innovative Business Education

The SBA will provide undergraduate, graduate and professional students with practical wisdom, global and ethical perspectives, and problem solving expertise through cutting edge learning opportunities that combine theory with practice. 

Tactic 1A – Continuously improve the undergraduate core curriculum and major courses to ensure that they meet the critical needs of employers (especially the capability to utilize technology), and emphasize our points of distinction: international, experiential, and ethics-based learning

Tactic 1B – Prepare SBA students to master critical thinking and soft skill development consistent with the current and future requirements of their chosen careers.

Tactic 1C – Implement substantive experiential, international and service learning opportunities for all students.

Tactic 1D – Provide for and support students with curricular and co-curricular opportunities to utilize their knowledge and skills outside the classroom

Tactic 1E – Design, develop and deliver specialty programs and certificates.

Tactic 1F – Create new graduate programs, including those using alternative means for delivery.

Strategic Intent 2 – Scholarship and Intellectual Contributions

The research and scholarship by the SBA faculty, staff and students will be recognized for its quality and the impact it has on peers and practice.

Tactic 2A – Recognize and reward the creation and dissemination of scholarship and research based on quality, impact on discipline and practice, and reputation building.

Tactic 2B – Provide the research infrastructure necessary for high-quality, high-impact, and interdisciplinary scholarship and research.

Tactic 2C – Design and develop the means for students to participate in the research process.

Strategic Intent 3 – University Community

The SBA will play a significant role in the life and vitality of the University of Dayton through its continuing participation and contributions.

Tactic 3A – Engage with units across campus and be a willing partner that allows for active participation of students, staff and faculty in meeting the mission.

Tactic 3B – Invest in opportunities for faculty and staff to improve and develop skills and knowledge that are needed to continue the forward progress of the SBA.

Tactic 3C – Implement faculty and staff systems that incentivize and reward them for measurable contributions to the vitality of the SBA and University.  

Strategic Intent 4 – Crossing Boundaries

The SBA will initiate, nurture and grow external relationships consistent with our mission.

Tactic 4A – Design and develop ways to efficiently and effectively engage all SBA alumni and friends, in student and faculty-centered activities.

Tactic 4B – Provide service to businesses.

Tactic 4C – Design and develop programs for local high school students to understand and appreciate the benefits of a career as a business professional and the value of a UD business education.

Tactic 4D – Value faculty and staff impact on business practice including faculty op/eds or media interviews.


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