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The School of Business Administration is about more than being just a vehicle to deliver a business curriculum to our students.  Our reputation is being built on the distinctive way we are blending practical wisdom and experiential learning in and outside of the classroom, allowing each of our students to understand the challenges of business in a unique way.  This distinctiveness has made the SBA a “good” business school.  Being “good” is not enough in the competitive world of business education.

The university budget sustains the School of Business Administration and allows us to continue being a “good” business school.  The gap between a “good” business school and an excellent one is significant.  Annual giving begins to fill that gap and helps to build a reputation of excellence by

  • Funding student projects
  • Supporting faculty scholarship that is recognized by peers
  • Sponsoring student teams to compete nationally against teams from top business schools
  • Providing seed money for testing innovative teaching and learning ideas, and
  • Many more opportunities for students, faculty and staff both inside and outside the classroom.

Your help is needed because standing still is not an option.  Your past, generous support has made it possible to create and sustain some distinctive, competitive programs and supported many unique student and faculty opportunities.  To help us continue to reduce and ultimately close the gap, we invite you to participate as an annual donor.  A gift, no matter the amount, will have an impact, and allow us to move closer to our goal of being an excellent business school.  

We ask that you consider making a tax-deductible contribution now to the School of Business Administration.  To direct your gift to us, click this link.


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