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Students Affected by Call-Up to Active Military Duty Policy

Students Affected by Call-Up to Active Military Duty Policy


The University of Dayton has established general procedures that will be enacted should students currently serving in any branch of the United States military reserves be called-up to serve our country.  These procedures have been formulated to achieve two goals.  First, to assure students facing possible Call-Up to active duty and involuntary transfer that they have the University’s full cooperation and support during this difficult period.  Further, the procedures facilitate the ability of these students to achieve their educational goals at the University of Dayton.  These procedures provide for a total refund or credit of tuition, fees, room and board payments, and/or where feasible, accommodations to permit students to complete selected course work.


This policy applies to all faculty, staff and students.

Policy History

Effective Date:  September 10, 1990

Approval: May 14, 2016

Policy History: 

  • Approved in original form: September 10, 1990
  • Approved as amended: April 1993
  • Approved as amended: January 3, 1996
  • Approved as amended: May 1999
  • Approved as amended: September 5, 2000
  • Approved as amended: May 14, 2016

Maintenance of Policy: Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communications, and Office of Student Accounts



The Coordinator for Veterans Services will serve as a contact person for students and coordinator of a guidance team that will assist students with their questions, options and concerns. The Coordinator for Veterans Services works in conjunction with the offices of Student Accounts, Registrar, Financial Aid, Student Development, and appropriate Dean.  Realizing that the length of time between notification of call-up and reporting for duty could be short and that not every situation is alike, students are encouraged to contact the Coordinator for Veterans Services to make preliminary plans and to ease concerns about their academic future.  The Coordinator of Veterans Services will begin an information file for each student that will serve as documentation for re-entry into the University. 

REFUNDS/FINANCIAL AID:  The University will offer two general options regarding refunds for students who are called-up by the United States government for active service and who supply the necessary documentation of their call-up to the University of Dayton.

Due to the special nature of this situation, these options will apply to any portion of the semester during which the student may be called-up.  This differs from the standard percentage refund format established for students withdrawing from the University.  Students receiving financial aid should discuss refund options with Financial Aid and/or the Office of Student Accounts.  In every case, an official DROP/ADD form also must be completed and submitted to the Registrar who will withdraw a student from courses with appropriate date.

1.  At the time of withdrawal, a full refund and/or credit of charges will be made to the student, sponsoring agency, and to other forms of student financial aid such as grants and loans.

2.  For those courses where the student and the instructor agree that a grade may be awarded in the future, a grade of "In Progress" will be recorded in the Registrar's Office. 

ACADEMICS:  The Registrar and Coordinator for Veteran Affairs will work with each individual student and with a representative from the Dean's Office of the student’s school/college to assist the student in making the best possible decision regarding current academic course work and re-entry into the University academic community.

1.  If called-up, a student may choose to withdraw from all current courses and all records of registration for these courses will be deleted from the student's record.

2.  Timing of departure may influence a student to choose to attempt completion of credits (i.e., factors could include number of weeks remaining in the semester, proximity to the end of the syllabus, etc.).  The staff member and members of the guidance team will assist in facilitating methods by which the courses in which an in progress has been registered may be completed.  If the decision made by the student and her or his faculty member is to attempt completion of last-attended semester course work, a portion of the tuition fee will not be refunded as the student will be considered enrolled for the entire semester for the designated/chosen course(s) to be continued.


The University will make every attempt to be as flexible as possible during this situation.  Each student involved will have decisions to make and those decisions will vary from person to person. Students are strongly encouraged to contact the Coordinator for Veteran Affairs with both the decision making process and the logistics involved. It is also suggested that the student have a FERPA release on file in the event the student cannot be reached.

The University reserves the right to revise this policy at any time with appropriate notice to the University community.


Any appeals to this policy should be directed to the Director of Student Accounts and/or Registrar.



For questions relating to the University policies of Enrollment Management, please contact:

Maria Newland, Registrar