University Assessment Plan

The University Assessment Committee revised the prior version of the University Assessment Plan to reflect a changing philosophy of assessment at UD and to streamline the assessment process.  (link to the current University Assessment Plan)

In the past units tended to evaluate too many objectives too often. Units are now encouraged to NOT evaluate each objective every year. Rather, units should evaluate fewer objectives each year, which allows for more time spent reviewing the assessment results and making more informed decisions. Increasing the time between assessments for an objective allows for changes to affect outcomes prior to the objectives being evaluated again.

Another revision in the Plan involves reviewing the assessment process itself. In addition to evaluating data collected, units are encouraged to evaluate their objectives and their methods of collecting data. At the university level the University Assessment Committee monitors the overall assessment process at UD and makes changes as necessary.

The bottom line is that assessment at UD is an evolving process. The University Assessment Plan will be revised periodically to reflect changes made as a result of evaluating the assessment process at UD.

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