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Summer Aid Frequently Asked Questions

What financial aid is available for me if I take part-time courses this summer?

Federal and state grant eligibility is limited during the summer term; your FAFSA will be used to determine if you have any eligibility remaining. Limited need-based institutional grants are available to students enrolled in at least six or more credit hours. Eligibility is determined based on the FAFSA.

What financial aid is available for me if I enroll full-time during the summer?

Students who register full-time and originally enrolled with a net tuition guarantee will have their financial aid adjusted so that the net tuition guarantee remains in place during the summer term of enrollment.

What steps do I need to take to receive summer financial aid?

Federal and state grant funds will automatically be awarded as long as a FAFSA has been submitted. Federal grants require the 2021-2022 FAFSA to be on file and state grants require the 2022-2023 FAFSA to be submitted. File your FAFSA and send it to us with our school code of 00312700.

Need-based grants from UD will be awarded automatically based on your enrollment. Students registered by April 22 will receive an award notification by May 6. Students who register after April 22 will be awarded aid beginning in mid-May and continuing on a regular basis.

If you wish to utilize loan funds during the summer, please contact our office to determine available loan options.

What if my registration changes?

Financial aid is awarded based on your registration and may be adjusted if your enrollment changes.

Can I discuss all of the options available to me with a Financial Aid Counselor?

To discuss available options please contact our office either via email at or by phone at (937) 229-4141. You may also stop by our office on campus to meet in-person during our office hours, available at under Hours of Operation.


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