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Understanding Your Financial Aid Awards


The academic scholarship program at University of Dayton offers generous financial awards for academic excellence, leadership qualities, or specific talents. Eligibility for these awards, and all forms of financial aid, requires that you meet the minimum requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress. Examples of institutional scholarships include:

  • Trustees' Merit Scholarship*
  • President's Merit Scholarship*
  • Deans' Merit Scholarship*
  • Father Chaminade Award*
  • Transfer Scholarships*
  • Athletic Scholarships - Renewability determined by the athletic department
  • Talent Award - Visual arts and music - requires program participation for renewal
  • Study Abroad Scholarship - We'll help you expand your perspective and stand out in the global marketplace through education abroad. You can take advantage of our unique opportunity to learn overseas through select programs for an entire semester at no additional cost. We encourage you to contact our office prior to deciding which program to participate in to review total cost and aid eligibility. Students entering prior to the 2021-22 academic year are eligible for a $3,000 study abroad scholarship if participating in a UD Faculty Led summer study abroad program for a minimum of 9 credit hours.
  • Textbook Scholarship - Incoming students who make an official campus visit and file the FAFSA will receive the university's textbook scholarship. This award will provide up to $500 each semester toward the rental of textbooks when rented through the University Bookstore. Students may be ineligible for the Textbook Scholarship if receiving a book stipend from another agency that is equal to or greater than the university’s award.

*Upon admission to University of Dayton, we communicated a 3.0 GPA requirement for UD merit scholarship renewal. After a close review of this policy, this requirement has been removed for future renewal of these scholarships. We encourage students to work closely with their academic advisor to successfully progress towards successful degree completion. The policy change will not affect UD’s overall academic standards, including academic probation, review of federal satisfactory academic progress, and requirements for certain majors or graduation.
 Note: There are some scholarships that will continue to have a GPA requirement based on requirements that may exist (ex. donor-funded scholarships).   


Grants, like scholarships, are gift aid - financial aid that is not repayable. Generally, grant amounts are based on financial need, cost of attendance, and enrollment status. Should any of these things change throughout the year, your eligibility for grants will be re-evaluated. There are several sources of grant funding, including federal, state, and institutional.

  • Pell Grant - Eligibility is determined by the U.S. Department of Education and awarded to students who demonstrate the highest financial need. Students must file the FAFSA each year to be considered.
  • Supplement Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG) - Eligibility is determined by the U.S. Department of Education and awarded to students who demonstrate the highest financial need. Students must file the FAFSA each year to be considered.
  • Ohio College Opportunity Grant - Recipients must be first-time college students who meet the residency requirements for Ohio. Students must file the FAFSA each year to be considered.
  • Grants from other states - Residents of other states are encouraged to apply to the appropriate state agency for any awards that may be used at University of Dayton. Recipients should notify the Office of Financial Aid regarding the value of awards received so an adjustment can be made to your award package, if necessary.
  • Forever Flyer Grant* - This grant is funded by the University of Dayton and is awarded based on a financial need as determined by the FAFSA. This award may be adjusted throughout the academic year if additional university awards are received by the student. Students must file the FAFSA each year to be considered.
  • UD Dependent of Employee Tuition Remission - Employees of the University of Dayton and their dependents are eligible to receive consideration for this award. The value is based on employment status and the employee's length of service. To receive the benefit, the eligible employee is required to submit the Tuition Remission Application through Human Resources annually. This award will replace other university aid and may impact one's eligibility for student loans. Students receiving the equivalency of 95% tuition benefit in UD funded aid are not eligible for the Textbook Scholarship program.
  • Tuition Exchange - If selected for this program, this award will replace other university aid and may reduce one's eligibility for student loans.

*Awards require full-time enrollment


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