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Policy on Distribution or Sale of Materials and Solicitation of or by Employees

Policy on Distribution or Sale of Materials and Solicitation of or by Employees


The purpose of this policy is to establish the University of Dayton’s intent to have a work environment that is free from solicitation and distribution efforts that do not relate to and could interfere with the University’s business or operations. While the University actively encourages staff participation in community activities and organizations outside of work, Work Time is more productive and pleasant when not interrupted by solicitations and distribution of materials by employees.


All employees and visitors to the University of Dayton.

Policy History

I. Effective Date: December 17, 1990

II. Approval: August 31, 2022

III. History: 

  • Approved in its original form: Presidents Council, December 17, 1990
  • Approved as amended:  December 11, 1995
  • Approved as amended:  September 7, 2000
  • Approved as amended:  December 23, 2013
  • Approved as amended:  August 31, 2022

V. Maintenance of Policy: Vice President for Human Resources


For purposes of this policy, the following definitions apply:

(a) “Work Time” is the time when an employee is scheduled and expected to be properly engaged in performing the employee’s work tasks.

(b) “Work Areas” are all areas of the University except break rooms, kitchens and other areas designated for non-work use.


The University believes that, at their places of work, its employees should be free of attempts to sell or distribute products or other materials to them and that they should not be repeatedly approached for donations to charitable causes. Likewise, the University does not wish to have its supplies or services used for unrelated commercial activities or for fund-raising efforts it has not specifically approved. On the other hand, since the University is a large organization open to the public, at proper times and places solicitations for charity and the offering of goods or other materials for sale to our employees may be appropriate. In an effort to balance these interests the University has established the following guidelines.

For University Employees

1.  No employee of the University may engage in the organized sale of products or services at the University except through the means open to other vendors (e.g., the commission sale of craft items through the bookstore) and as approved by the employee’s divisional Vice President. University stationery, campus mail or other University materials or supplies may not be used to promote products or services and any time spent for this purpose by an employee must be outside the employee’s regularly scheduled work hours. Only the approved general announcement bulletin boards may be used for advertising such products or services.

2.  An employee must receive approval from the Vice President of the employee’s division, the Vice President for Advancement (to request contributions) and from the Vice President for Human Resources to solicit in an organized or extensive fashion donations for a charitable cause. Unless specifically approved, no University materials, funds or services will be used to accomplish such solicitations.

3.  Employees are not permitted to solicit other employees for any purposes during Work Time, nor are they permitted to distribute products or materials to other employees either during Work Time or in Work Areas. However, employees may solicit other employees during non-Work Time, and may distribute products or materials to other employees outside Work Areas and during non-Work Time. Any such solicitations or distributions shall be consistent with the University’s culture and values.

For Persons Outside the University

1.  Except as permitted by appropriate directors of established sales centers (e.g., bookstore, Kennedy Union) no one outside the University community is permitted to transact business on University property, and the University will not distribute such information as home addresses or the phone numbers of employees to persons seeking to conduct advertising campaigns.

2.  Persons seeking to offer employees such things as free samples, coupons, and/or noncommercial products (e.g., Bibles, political advertisements) may do so only with explicit permission of the University and only in those public places specified by the University. Persons seeking such approval should see the Vice President for Human Resources and, if distribution would be extended to students, the Vice President for Student Development.

3.  Persons seeking to solicit donations from employees must see the Vice President for Advancement and, if approved, comply with any directives about the time, place and manner of such solicitation and the use of University resources. Ordinarily, the Vice President for Advancement reviews such requests with the President's Council.

By the University Itself or University-Sponsored Organizations

1.  Offices of the University established to sell products to faculty and staff (e.g., food services) may advertise sales and the like as a part of their usual operations. Likewise, University-sponsored organizations which would ordinarily have such things as sales or raffles to support their operations or to make donations to charitable purposes may do so as a part of their usual operations once the organization has been approved. Other offices wishing to conduct special sales or fund-raisers are to seek approval from their divisional Vice President and the Vice President for Human Resources.

2.  Each year the University solicits its employees on behalf of the United Way and the University's Annual Support Program. From time to time, at the initiation of the Vice President for Advancement and with the concurrence of the President's Council, the University may suggest to its employees through such means as Campus Report or personal letter that they consider donations to other civic and/or charitable efforts.

Tax Implications

Parties who solicit under this policy should consult with the University Tax Manager and/or the Vice President of Advancement for tax or other implications of their solicitations.


Any approval of solicitations and/or distributions referred to in this policy may be conditioned by limitations on the time, place and manner of such solicitations, sales promotions and distributions. The University reserves the right to deny any and all solicitations, sales promotions or distributions on the campus and to remove advertisements, notices or other signs if they are deemed to be inappropriate or offensive. Exceptions to any portion of this policy must be approved by the Vice President for Human Resources or designee as appropriate.



For questions relating to the University policies of Human Resources, please contact:

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