Tuition Refunds

Students who are dismissed for academic reasons will be entitled to a full refund of any tuition paid for the upcoming semester. Students who withdraw or go on a leave of absence for other reasons will be entitled to a refund on a sliding scale based on the date of withdrawal. University and SBA fees are non-refundable in any situation.

The refund schedule for tuition is as follows:

If the student withdraws Percent of refund
During the first week of classes 80%
During the second week of classes 60%
During the third week of classes 40%
During the fourth week of classes 25%
During the fifth week of classes, or later               No refund

The date that the student provides written notice of the decision to withdraw will determine the amount of the refund, regardless of whether or not the student discontinued class attendance at an earlier date.

Check-out procedures must be followed to officially discontinue University of Dayton housing and food service. Should you elect to leave the university for any reason, you must return your mailbox and locker keys to the administrative office, room 203.