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Payments and Penalties for Student Accounts Policy

Payments and Penalties for Student Accounts Policy


To ensure that all amounts due to the University of Dayton are collected in a timely manner and that only registered students are in “good financial standing” have access to certain University opportunities and privileges.  To reserve the right to determine appropriate corrective measures for delinquent student accounts.


All currently enrolled, former, and inactive students.

Policy History

Effective Date:  December 6, 1993

Approval:  March 23, 2016

Policy History: 

  • Approved in original form: December 6, 1993
  • Approved as amended: December 11, 1995
  • Approved as amended July 24, 2000
  • Approved as amended: March 23, 2016

Maintenance of Policy:  Office of Student Accounts


(a) “Financial Good Standing” for purposes of this policy, financial good standing includes either a current student account (with no past due amounts) or a student account with a past due amount, provided an authorized payment plan is in place and on file with the Office of Student Accounts.


Payment of Charges

All tuition, room, board, or any other charge posted to a student account must be paid in full prior to the start of each term on the indicated due date, unless the student enters into a payment plan with the Office of Student Accounts (Bursar). A student must be in good financial standing to enroll online in the University of Dayton payment plan for the fall or spring terms. Due to the short length of the summer term, the University will not offer installment payment plans for any summer term.

The University will accept electronic authorization of a payment plan as permitted by law, and such electronic authorization will be deemed to have the same effect and legal enforceability as manually signed agreements.

Payment may be made by cash, check, electronic check, money order, ACH, wire transfer, debit card or by major credit card.  The University reserves the right to charge, or allow its credit card processing vendor to charge additional fees for any payment made by credit card or wire transfer.  The payer will be responsible for the additional fees. Payments, other than credit and/or debit cards, may be made in person to the Office of Student Accounts or by mail to the payment address specified by the University.  Payments must be in the possession of the University by the indicated due date to be considered timely.

Late Fees/Service Charges

The University reserves the right to charge late fees and/or finance charges for any past due amounts (as permitted under applicable Federal and State of Ohio law). Such late fees and finance charges may be changed from time to time by the University upon approval of the Treasurer.

Penalties for Delinquent Student Accounts

Students with student accounts that are financially delinquent, and for which no confirmed payment arrangements have been made with the Office of Student Accounts, are subject to penalties and loss of certain university privileges including, but not limited to, loss of registration status, student housing, and dining services. Students with delinquent accounts are not permitted to register for classes, not permitted to live in University controlled housing, and not permitted to participate in University dining or meal plans.

The University will notify students if they are in violation of this policy and will provide them reasonable time to rectify the situation. The amount of time given to resolve any violations will be determined by the University at its sole discretion on a case by case basis. 

If a student’s housing privileges are revoked, he/she must vacate the premises by the established deadline.  Otherwise, the University reserves the right to use all reasonable means to evict or otherwise restrict non-authorized residents from accessing University controlled housing.

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For questions related to University Policies of Finance and Administrative Services, please contact:

Virginia Dowse, Assistant Vice President and Controller