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Here are some additional resources that are available to help you through your academic career.

The online Catalog is published annually.  The issue that applies to your academic program depends on your status as an undergraduate or graduate student, and on the year in which you began your studies at the University of Dayton.
In the General Information section, you can find a wide array of material dealing with many facets of your academic career.  In the Undergraduate Catalog section, you can locate specifics on various academic areas, and the programs and courses they offer.  The Catalog also has a Search feature to help you quickly locate content from the two main sections.
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General Education

It's time to begin your academic journey. What upper level courses will you want to study? What does the Humanities Base offer? What skills will you use to bridge the gaps between different academic areas? Explore these questions and get all the answers while you discover General Education. The general education program will help you discover how to connect and integrate all of the courses from your undergraduate career.
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