Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, Community Artist-in-Residence

Since 2003, the University of Dayton has funded acclaimed artists from the Dayton community to conduct a variety of curricular and co-curricular arts-learning programs for students campus-wide throughout the academic year. For the fourth consecutive year, the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company (DCDC) will serve as UD Community Artist-in-Residence for the 2013-14 academic year. DCDC is a 40-year old, highly acclaimed professional dance company, founded in Dayton, that has made a significant contribution to the history of American dance.

The residency is designed to impact UD students of all years and majors. Those with little or no experience with dance will have the opportunity to develop experience in movement and gain an historical awareness of the discipline, the dance company, and its influences. UD students with experience and/or involvement in dance will be provided with opportunities for mentorship and advanced technical assistance from professional dancers. The program also targets cross-disciplinary collaboration among DCDC, faculty, and students to create academic and experiential learning activities such as course development and performances.

The residency program is administered through ArtStreet and the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Learning Initiatives.

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Spring 2014 Residency Activities

Wednesday Workshop: Healthy Body/Healthy Mind with DCDC

February 19, 7-9 p.m. McGinnis Center

Having trouble focusing? Feeling overwhelmed? Can’t think because you’re exhausted? Is stress slowing you down? Roman satirist Juvenal would agree that a “sound mind” has a definite connection to a “sound body”, but we understand that not every solution works for every-body. Please join us for a round-robin style experience that will allow participants to experiment with movement styles and philosophies that uniquely engage the body with the mind. Pilates, meditation, yoga, self-massage and the martial arts are all avenues to a balanced body. The question remains … Which one is for you? Presented as part of ArtStreet’s Wednesday Workshop series. 

Wednesday Workshop: Sweet Talk with Crystal Michelle, DCDC

February 26, 7-8 p.m. ArtStreet Studio D


Language inscribes meaning upon the body. So, therefore, s/he who writes on it, speaks about it, and gestures with it, wields the power to identify it. Join guest artist, Crystal Michelle, in the first of three arts experiences that will explore the richness of language and its relationship to our physical forms. As a fully participatory event, this experience delves into the sweet and sour language of the body left behind by the plethora of text and imagery that attempt to culturally define us. This one-hour experience begins with an in-the-round discussion of the vocabulary that endeavors to define our bodies globally. Further, it physically answers the question - What do we risk when we allow others to describe ourselves? Using dance as a method of answering that question, participants will explore the language of the body for themselves through improvisatory techniques, re-engaging their individual voices within the culture, gender and race-based discourses of the body. Presented as part of ArtStreet’s Wednesday Workshop series. 

Boxing Up Beautiful with Crystal Michelle, DCDC

Tuesday, March 11, 7 p.m. Kennedy Union Boll Theatre


Originally designed and performed in 2012, Boxing Up Beautiful is a dance and technology solo performance that deconstructs the 200-year visual history of black women’s bodies in American popular culture. Further, and perhaps more clearly put, it is a creative physical investigation of the bodily images that attempt to signify a fixed identity for women of color – excessively exposed/overly sexed. At its core, Boxing Up Beautiful is a visually dynamic exploration of those issues that exist for black women within contemporary performance. Followed by an artist Q & A.

B2 with Crystal Michelle, DCDC

Tuesday, March 18, 4:30 - 8:30 pm ArtStreet Studio D Gallery


Based on Crystal Michelle’s oral history collection, The Beautiful Archive Project, B2 (pronounced b-squared) is a video installation that uses the body as visual art. Part performance art, part socio-political commentary and always inherently dance, Michelle successfully intersects the live-self with the theoretical underpinnings of history, race and gender.